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EEDI Calculator information

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The BIMCO Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Calculator incorporates reference lines and future limits for the Required EEDI that some ship types have to meet in the future.

Careful analysis of the adopted regulation text in MEPC.203(62) compared with draft guidelines submitted to the 62nd meeting of MEPC reveals use of inconsistent language that may be subject to interpretation with the regulations themselves. This inconsistency appears to be isolated to container ships only.
Knowing the future regulatory limits of EEDI for container ships is crucial to ship builders, designers, shipowners and not least to Administrations.

Specifically, the issues relate to the “capacity” to be used in the formula for calculating a ship’s Required EEDI.
The most unambiguous language defining the “capacity” is contained in the draft guidelines submitted to MEPC 62, and that definition is also what is incorporated into the BIMCO EEDI Calculator.
BIMCO will seek to get the regulatory language clarified to remove this apparent inconsistency.

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