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POSIDONIA 2012 as viewed by a Technical Consultant*

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George Maghioros

I have always viewed my profession in a similar way like a doctor views his patients. Ships for me were always living organisms with a soul and they need to be treated as such and this was the reason I have called my company “Shipcare”.

Ships and their equipment nowadays have become technically advanced, more efficient and eco friendly. Posidonia exhibition has been always the place one could witness the latest technical developments and feel the momentum of the shipping industry today.

In times when the world economy is not at its best this year’s Posidonia exhibition was an ‘oasis’  very well organized and presented in its new location at Metropolitan exhibition center.

All the major players in Shipping from all over the world were present and they took time and effort to meticulously present their products to the visitors.

Shipyards are the birthplace where a ship is transformed from steel into a living organism. Shipyards are also the place where ships visit regularly to get uplift and be maintained in a ship shape manner. My visit in the stands of the various Shipyards left me with a feeling that ships are in good hands and we can expect to see good ships to be build and being maintained in a good manner.

Modern technology in every form from computers being the brain of the ship, to very sophisticated engines that gives the power a ship needs, navigation and other equipment that are needed for a ship to sail through the oceans and operate safely, were all there in the exhibition and one could see that modern technology can only make the life of a vessel more efficient better controlled and safer in the risky environment a ship usually operates.

Technology is not the only thing required to support the life of a ship.  The ship needs a Flag an administration to place the rules that will make a ship safe, a Classification Society to make the rules applicable and make sure the rules are followed and it needs humans as crew to operate it onboard and ashore in the office. The ship even requires protection against modern pirates. Again all these services were present in the exhibition and one could get the feeling that ships and their operation can only get better as everyone involved in these services make sure they apply the highest standards which are required in today’s shipping.

Visiting Posidonia 2012 exhibition and witnessing this great activity in all aspects of the shipping market I realize that people serving shipping are all committed in what they are doing. Especially now in times of economic and political instability this commitment helps everyone to find a way to overcome the negative forces and concentrate only on the positive ones, face the future with optimism and act constructively. I am confident that all the visitors that came from all over the world received the message that Greece and Greek Shipping are alive and well and rightfully playing a leading role in International Shipping.

Posidonia 2012 exhibition proved one more time that shipping can only go forward and will continue to be an industry and a leading player in the world economy for a simple reason that the main cause for its existence is the SHIP a living organism with a soul which everyone involved cares about.

*George Maghioros                                                                                                                                   Naval Architect Marine Engineer  Consultant Engineer,                                                        SHIPCARE MARINE CONSULTANTS



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