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Safety alert: Turbocharger safety

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Safety alert: Turbocharger safety

Following from the Shipowners’ Club:

Category: Safety Date: 25/06/2012 Area: Worldwide

We would like to advise our Members that MAN Diesel & Turbo have issued two Alert Service Bulletins (ASB2011/12/10 and ASB2011/12/09) relating to the safety and safe operation of the TCA33, TCR14, TCR16, TCR18, TCR20 and TCR22 MAN Diesel & Turbo turbochargers.

MAN Diesel & Turbo found that due to a failure of the flange connection, in case of damage to the compressor wheel, there is a risk that fragments of the compressor could be released. This risk poses a substantial hazard to the health and safety of the operating personnel. Although there have been no filed incidents with these turbochargers, Members with ships fitted with these turbochargers are advised to take necessary precautions and attention is drawn to the recommendations made by the engine designer:

  • 1. MAN Diesel & Turbo recommend that the inspection and maintenance schedule described in the turbocharger operating manual is strictly adhered to and carried out by authorised personnel
  • 2. MAN Diesel & Turbo recommend that the turbocharger compressor wheel should be inspected regularly for pre-damage
  • 3. MAN Diesel & Turbo recommend that no personnel should stay in the vicinity of the turbocharger during operating times in which the engine load exceeds 60%.

Source of information: https://www.cdlive.lr.org/information/default.asp?preOpen=Approvals

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