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Cork Street Open

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Jeffrey Robb’s Magic!

The world focuses on the United Kingdom this year and in particular London, not only for the coming Olympics at the end of the month, but also for the Queen’s Jubilee, Ascot, Wimbledon and last but not least arts! Since 1925 Cork Street and its galleries has been a centre of congregation for the arty intelligentsia and last Tuesday from 6 pm onwards over a thousand where there for the open day to see special arts – paintings, sculpture and other arty designs.

Adam Gallery, Alpha Gallery, Alon Zakaim Fine Art, Bernard Jacobson gallery, Beaux Arts, Browne & Darby, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Flowers, Haldane Fine Art, Hayhill Gallery, Mayor Gallery, Medici Gallery, Messum’s, Petley’s, Redfern Gallery, Stoppenbach & Dalesre, WterHouse and Dodd – forgive me if I* forgot one, where open and time permitted walked in to three of them:

Firstly at the Hayhill Gallery where Jeffrey Robb had his Liminal State where the lenticular photographer exhibited his masterpieces; 3D’s of excellence – worth flying over to see them! Balance is the word for his art!

Celia Cook’s visula adventure

The second gallery was the Adam Gallery where Celia Cook presented her  “Close to the Edge” portfolio. Good dimentions for geometrical art!

Just managed my last visit at the Alpha Gallery** where the unique sculptures of  August Rodin where displayed in a  world of the their own. Ilia Petrovic, the Serbian Italian artist had some ecstatic work too, the Lungs being in my view the best! Ilia works on cotton with oil and resin – an excellent mix!

I do hope to visit the rest of the Galleries, as art attracts all of us in the shipping industry and thousand of arts pieces end up on Cruise ships, cargo ships, yachts and the tycoons’ offices and residences – a great trade, a special and profitable business if you have the link… err the medium is the means!  Remember, “The artist is the person who invents the means to bridge between biological inheritance and the environments created by technological innovation.” Laws of Media, Marshall McLuhan p 98.  Try to interpret this for arts and shipping!

The Lungs, by Ilia Petrovic

*John Faraclas was there with his camera

**see you there on the 5th of July for Daniela Ribeiro’s private view!

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