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HOT Port news from GAC

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Your daily news service from ports around the world.
In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:

* Worldwide – Potential hazard to navigation in Arabian Gulf

* United Kingdom, Immingham – Jetty outages

* United Kingdom, Hound Point – Terminal maintenance and upgrade shutdown

* United Arab Emirates, Mina Saqr – Berthing congestion

* Oman, Port Sultan Qaboos – Revised tariff rates


DATE: July 09, 2012 – COUNTRY: Worldwide  – Potential hazard to navigation in Arabian Gulf

The Naval Forces U.S. Central Command (NAVCENT) Battle Watch advises that a potential hazard to navigation exists at 2547.7N/05329.5E.  The hazard is described as a drifting buoy measuring 6-8 feet wide and rising 3 feet above the water.  The buoy is reportedly unlit.
The Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO)-Bahrain is unable to independently verify the hazard at this time; however, the Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) has been notified.  MARLO will advise if further information becomes available.
Any vessels having information on this or any other hazard are requested to report that information to MARLO for follow-on coordination and distribution.
(For information about operations in the Middle East contact the respective GAC office. Details may be found in the “Contacts” section of www.gac.com)

Source: Maritime Safety Advisory for the Arabian Gulf issued by the Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) Bahrain

DATE: July 09, 2012 – COUNTRY: United Kingdom – PORT: Immingham Jetty outages

There is a two-and-a-half day outage at Immingham’s South Killingholme Jetty from 0800 today (Monday 9 July) until 1800 on Wednesday 11 July. There will be another outage next week, from 0800 on 19 July 2012 to 1800 on 20 July.
The first outage (9-11 July)is to accommodate the following: – Loading Arm Routine Maintenance – Replacement of LPG Loading Arm Emergency Release Assembly
The second outage (19-20 July) is for the following work: – Remove redundant floating mooring
It will not be possible to handle any shipping on the jetty during these outages.
For information about operations in the UK contact GAC Shipping UK at uk@gac.com

DATE: July 09, 2012 – COUNTRY: United Kingdom – PORT: Hound Point – Terminal maintenance and upgrade shutdown

Terminal operator BP has advised that Hound Point (1) will be closed for planned maintenance and upgrade works for around 6 weeks from 1 August.
There will therefore be no VLCC loadings during this time.
There will also be some work being carried out on Hound Point (2) in the second half of July and again in November which will impact loadings of smaller tankers.
For information about operations in the UK contact GAC Shipping UK at us@gac.com

DATE: July 09, 2012 – COUNTRY: United Arab Emirates – PORT: Mina Saqr – Berthing congestion

Mina Saqr is encountering heavy berth congestion, and vessels calling at the port can expect berthing delays of about 12-13 days.
This is expected to worsen during the holy month of Ramadan due to slow down of cargo operation.
Berth congestion is expected to continue for next 5-6 months.
For information about operations in Ras Al Khaimah contact GAC Ras Al Khaimah at rasalkhaimah@gac.com

DATE: July 09, 2012 – COUNTRY: Oman – PORT: Port Sultan Qaboos – Revised tariff rates

Port Sultan Qaboos Authorities have advised  that the following tariff items will be revised with effect from 15 July:
1. Item No 2., Anchorage Dues – Schedule I, Page 16 Cargo vessels, fishing trawlers and other vessels including vessels calling for Security Reasons using anchorage: R.O. 30/- per day or part thereof
2. Item No. 3., Small craft Dues – Schedule I, page 17
Small Crafts and Dhows Dues
2.1 Small Crafts, Cargo barges & towing launches when using the outer anchorage: R.O. 10/- per week or part thereof
2.2. Dhows and Launches using the berths: R.O. 10/- per day or part thereof
2.3 Work boats (of length upto 20m) engaged in  (Providing Service of crew, ship chandler etc) to vessels: R.O. 35/- per day at anchorage area and stationed at PSQ or part thereof.
For information about operations in Oman contact GAC Oman at muscat@gac.com

DATE: July 09, 2012 Bunker Update: GAC MARKET PRICE UPDATE
Middle East
Qatar  IFO380: 0 IFO180:  0 MDO: 0 MGO: 975
Salalah IFO380:  630 IFO180: 665 MDO: 0 MGO: 1065
Indian Subcontinent
Mumbai IFO380: 618.5 IFO180:  631.5 MDO: 0 MGO: 1010.5
Egypt & Mediterranean
Istanbul  IFO380: 615.5 IFO180:  635.5 MDO: 0 MGO: 895.5
Malta LS IFO380:  667.5 IFO180:  688.5 MDO: 0 MGO: 0
Europe & Africa
Durban IFO380: 0 IFO180:  635.5 MDO: 1105.5 MGO: 0
Rio de Janeiro IFO380:  618.5 IFO180: 642 MDO: 0 MGO: 911
Asia Pacific
Busan  IFO380: 585 IFO180:  600 MDO: 870 MGO: 870
Hong Kong  IFO380:  625.5 IFO180:  638 MDO: 809.5 MGO: 858
Kaohsiung IFO380: 637 IFO180:  649 MDO: 1040 MGO: 893
Shanghai IFO380:  621 IFO180: 635 MDO: 0 MGO: 1032
Singapore IFO380:  616 IFO180: 627 MDO: 880 MGO: 893.5
For any questions relating to the above or any otherbunkering matters, contact GAC Bunker Fuels on Tel +44-20-8749 7355 (24 hours) or by e-mail:

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