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MATHITIADA: “From Athens to London: Shape Your Future”

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In view of 2012 Olympic Games here is a proposal to join-in an initiative that originates in Greece and is addressing young people around the world: The Program “From Athens to London: Shape Your Future”!

  • Are you young and want your voice to be heard?
  • Do you want to speak out loud and let the world know what YOU think about your future?
  • Do you want your opinion to be considered by the decision-makers of Europe?
  • Do you want to join forces with young people, not only across Europe, but across the entire world?

London July 2012 – Luckily there is still hope for young people to have a say in shaping their future! This is the main message deriving from youngsters in various cities in Greece and other European countries visited by the team of the program “From Athens to London: Shape Your Future”. The program is an initiative originating in Greece and organized by MATHITIADA*, an educational youth institution focusing on culture and sports. A series of events has been scheduled in Greece and other European countries (Germany, England, Belgium) in order to approach the youth and further discuss the scope of the program: to unite young people around the world, helping them raise their voices, make their opinions heard, and most importantly, considered!

Following Cologne (Germany) the next stop of the program is London, the host city of 2012 Olympic Games. Members of the program will have the opportunity to offer to Lady Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor an olive tree, as the symbol of the Olympic Games and Athens as well as of the Olympic spirit and ideals represented by “Mathitiada”. With a warm wish for successful Olympic Games, the olive tree will be handed over by Pyrros Dimas, Olympic Champion and Ambassador of the program at a specially organized event to be hosted in the context of the Host City Reception organized by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (yestreday July 27, 2012). In addition, the program will have a presence at the “House of Hellenes” in London (Carlton Club).

How can one participate in the program? By simply clicking on the designated Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ShapeUrFuture! Youngsters are invited to post their idea for a better future and invite their friends to vote for it. Selected program members (to be determined by a committee of the Association of European Journalists) will visit Brussels, in order to submit a memorandum consisting of the most representative messages – as determined by the online voting procedure – to the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels (6-8/11/2012). Regardless of where one was born or where he/she lives, everyone can become a member of the ever increasing community of “Shape Your Future”, joining forces with hundreds of youngsters already participating in the program.

To this date, youngsters from different nationalities that have been posting online, have all showed a great interest in the program and the message it proclaims, proving once more that above all and despite differences in nationality and culture, youth all over the world share the same problems and concerns – mainly about their future, and the role they can play in its formation.

The program “From Athens to London: Shape Your Future” (a sequel of the respective program “From Athens to Beijing” in 2008) has been granted the official support of the European Parliament Information Office and the European Committee Delegation in Greece, the International Olympic Truce Center, the Association of European Journalists, the Municipality of Athens, AIESEC, Aegean Airlines and DEPA (Greek Public Gas Corporation).

* The Hellenic institution of ΜΑΤΗΙΤΙΑΔΑ was founded ten years ago, and is essentially the realization of a common dream three friends once shared: the creation of an event during which students will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with the values proclaimed in the spirit of the Olympic Games (respect, participation, fair play etc) – all vital elements for a healthy and progressive society.

The above-mentioned event taking place in Serres, northern Greece, is characterized by many a “Students’ Olympiad”, as it is essentially a simulation of the Olympic Games, whereby students from schools in Greece and abroad are given the unique opportunity to engage in all the Olympic and Paraolympic sports, and take part in a series of cultural activities. For further information please visit www.mathitiada.gr


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