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Greece can do it with shipping, tourism and the Athens Exchange !

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Following previous interviews John Faraclas gives to Sophia Rodopolou of the SBC TV his personal views on the Shipping, Shipbuilding, Tourism and the capabilities of the Athens Exchange. He also refers to the greek backed shipping companies which entered the international stock markets.

Faraclas believes that with the appropriate moves the adverse financial climate can be reversed and Greece can easily go through unscathed!  But for this to happen,  the appropriate capable people must come and take over the lead of the country’s wheel and steer the course of the Greek Nation to success! The rest is dirty party politics.-

Indeed Greece can do it with its shipping, shipping related, tourism and tourism related products and services via the Athens Exchange; the provocation is here!

The coming 7th International Roadshow of the Greek companies in London at Bloomberg’s organised by the Athens Exchange on the 6-7th of September could be the best possible opportunity!

Viewers can click on the links herebelow and listen to the live interview; a full translation will follow:

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