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Newly established Rolls-Royce naval ship design team selects Paramarine ship design software

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Portsmouth, UK, – 27th November 2012Paramarine software, developed by QinetiQ GRC, has been selected by Rolls-Royce who is broadening its ship design capabilities. Paramarine will be Rolls-Royce’s marine design software tool of choice in support of their newly formed team dedicated to the development of naval ship designs. 

Rolls-Royce has been at the forefront of innovative ship design for nearly 40 years, designing over 800 vessels, used mainly in the commercial sector. This new ship design team will create innovative designs for customers such as navies, coast guards and other maritime agencies. The primary focus will be on offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) and naval auxiliary opportunities, rather than large combatant ships such as frigates and destroyers.

There has been a growing trend for commercial marine technology to cross over into the naval market, delivering cost reduction and proven capability. Government customers are looking for cost effective and innovative ships. Rolls-Royce, who are already experienced in ship design, coupled to the world’s largest marine product portfolio, will offer integrated ‘whole ship’ solutions suited to the demanding roles of the world’s navies.

“Naval ship design is a new entity at Rolls-Royce and it is vital at the outset to have world class software tools, processes and people in order to deliver winning designs. We selected Paramarine based not only on its extensive and proven capabilities in supporting naval ship design but also because of its excellent reputation in the market. Specifically we selected Paramarine for its market leading early stage design capabilities, “commented Peter MacLeod, Capability Manager – Naval Ship Design, Rolls-Royce.

Paramarine is based on over 20 years’ experience in marine design. Thousands of concept vessels have been modelled and their stability analysed using Paramarine. Paramarine is used by many of the world’s leading commercial and naval shipbuilders and ship designers, as well as some of the leading universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University College London.

“Rolls-Royce was looking for a software tool that would be able to speed up the whole process of early stage ship design whilst mitigating risk as its intention is to develop new projects from scratch in short timeframes. Paramarine is ideally suited to meet this challenge. We are very pleased to have been selected by Rolls-Royce and look forward to supporting them in this new venture, ” Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director, QinetiQ GRC.

About QinetiQ GRC

QinetiQ GRC is a world leading provider of solutions for submarine, naval surface and commercial ship design and on-board stability assessment.  With over 20 years’ experience, its Paramarine software has modelled and analysed thousands of concepts and is used extensively in both the defence and commercial sectors world-wide by shipbuilders, designers , operators and owners. Customers include Keel Marine, Princess Yachts, BAE Systems, Northup Grumman, DCNS, and specialist commercial vessel designers such as Sustainable Maritime Technologies, Oeswag and Bernard Olesinski.  Paramarine is also used by some of the world’s leading academic institutions including MIT and UCL.  As part of the QinetiQ Group, GRC is able to draw upon QinetiQ’s vast maritime knowledge and experience. For more information visit www.grc.qinetiq.com


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