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Relationaships and Trust key to managing counterparty risk – says Dynamic Oil Trading

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Lars Moller, CEO at Dynamic Oil Trading

Quality relationships between customers and fuel suppliers breed financial transparency and trust; industry must find balance and be wary of developing a too scientific approach, which may stifle deals and progression

Singapore, 29 November 2012 – Dynamic Oil Trading, the new global trading company for marine fuels and lubricants, headquartered in Singapore, today highlighted the importance of developing close relationships as a means of managing counterparty risk.

“Liquidity and credit are the single biggest issues within the shipping industry when it comes to fuel supply, ” says Lars Møller, CEO, Dynamic Oil Trading.

“Being able to provide the best credit terms is a considerable differentiator for a fuel supplier, but it has to be done based on a trustworthy relationship between the supplier and the customer. Due diligence as well as access to financial information is clearly vital, but the foundation for obtaining this is trust, ” continues Møller.

As liquidity becomes tighter, ensuring the financial viability of those partners operating in the fuel supply chain is of paramount importance. However, Dynamic Oil Trading believes there has to be a balance between forensic analysis that stifles deals at one end of the spectrum, versus a simple ‘handshake’, which could threaten business continuity.

Continues Møller: “Dynamic Oil Trading is in a fortunate position, as we have the financial backing, liquidity and capital that enables us to provide customers with the best credit terms on deals. Understanding counterparty risk is critical, but we must be careful that it does not become too scientific, which threatens deals. Of course, where a company is not financially viable, you walk away, but in conjunction with sensible due diligence and financial analysis, we believe that building close, personal and trustworthy relationships must be the foundation of validating counterparty risk.”

About Dynamic Oil Trading

Dynamic Oil Trading was launched in 2012. The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally, with plans for further expansion in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Dynamic Oil Trading goes back to the roots of bunkering, working with, and trusted by, all parties in the shipping supply chain. The company has experienced traders that thrive on operating within in a fast-paced, high-energy environment to provide customers with fuel and lubricant products quickly and efficiently, no matter what the challenge.


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