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TEESPORT Container Terminal investment aims to deliver first class service

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Frans Calje

Frans Calje

PD Ports has successfully installed a new terminal operating system  at Teesport.

The new system, which was built by Navis, a software development  company specialising in terminal operating systems, was introduced to further  improve efficiency for customers, as well as the speed and agility of operations  at Teesport’s container terminal.

The implementation of the new system included areas of our wide span  gantry crane operations and portcentric logistics activities.

Frans Calje, PD Ports’ managing director unitised, said: “As with any  new system, which alters the way we operate, identifying and applying the Navis  technology was not without its challenges. The collaboration of the project  team, as well as those using the system on a daily basis, has produced a  successful result so far with the system now fully operational at the  terminal.

“The new terminal operating system signifies a fundamental change in  how we do business at Teesport and enables us to give improved service to  customers whilst allowing us to better plan and coordinate our container  activities.

PD Ports operations“This is a world leading platform and will facilitate growth in our  container business at Teesport for many years to come.

“Our portcentric operations will benefit from the new system due to  the ability to plan further ahead and offer greater visibility for our  customers.”

The Navis system implemented during the second half of 2012 signifies  the completion of PD Ports’ £16.7m upgrade of its container terminal facilities.

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