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OW BUNKER Launches Nordic water physical bunkering operation

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OW Bunker creates one of the world’s largest maritime physical bunkering operations to provide OW Logocustomers with one-stop supply solution across Nordic Waters

OW Bunker, one of the world’s largest suppliers and traders of marine fuels and lubricants, today announced the launch of a Nordic Waters operation to provide a single point of contact and an end-to-end fuel supply solution across the entire region. The combined coverage provided by the Nordic Waters unit, serviced by a fleet of seven bunkering vessels operating in the region, makes it one of the world’s largest maritime physical fuel supply operations in terms of area covered.

OW Bunker’s Nordic Waters operation provides complete coverage across Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania (Klaipeda), Faroe Islands, Norwegian Sea, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the North Atlantic. The company will provide the full range of quality products, including low sulphur fuel oil, delivered at port and on the roads. Customers can also benefit from a specialist high seas bunkering service, saving customers time and money as it negates the need to deviate from their routes to port. OW Bunker has a fleet of seven state-of-the-art bunker vessels operating in the region, all equipped with Mass Flow Meters to ensure product quantity.

Customers will also be provided with a pre-test sample on products, delivered prior to the usual testing procedures conducted by an external fuel oil analysis provider. This ensures total rigour in the fuel oil testing process and guarantees that customers receive the best quality products.

Jesper Sander, Manager, Physical Operations, OW Bunker Nordic Waters, commented: “For our customers, ensuring reliability of supply, as well as efficiency in their operations is of paramount importance. By unifying our Nordic Waters offering, we are able to streamline procurement procedures and ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality, fully-tested products and services when and where they need them.”

“We have spread our expertise and operational capability so that our customers can save time and money, whilst being assured of a consistent and reliable level of service whilst transiting the Nordic Waters. We have instigated greater control across the supply chain and can provide customers with a coordinated and complete end-to-end solution across the region.”

About OW Bunker:

OW Bunker is one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine fuel oil and related services. The Group’s core activity is the global sale of bunkers both from its own physical inventories, where it operates over 30 large and small tankers in its global fleet, as well as an intermediary trader. OW Bunker also provides advanced risk management tools and services in an increasingly unpredictable oil market and volatile global economy, and also purchases and sells entire oil cargoes.

The Group is represented in 25 countries world wide, spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas and commands more than 8% of the global bunker market.

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