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Spurs Marine Announces Ownership Change

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Pablo Sosa and Chris Jones

Pablo Sosa and Chris Jones

January 24, 2013—Fort Lauderdale, Florida—Donald Govan, Owner and Chief Design Engineer of Spurs Marine Manufacturing since its founding in 1981, has sold the company to two key managers, Pablo Sosa, Vice President and General Manager, and Chris Jones, Sales Application Engineer.  Spurs is the world leader in line and net cutter systems that prevent propeller entanglement and potential oil seal failure.

“Sosa and Jones make a great team, ” Govan stated in announcing the transition.  “They know the marine and international shipping community and its changing needs, and our customers will be well served under their leadership.”

Pablo Sosa has been with Spurs Marine for over 15 years and has created a number of computerized and technical systems for product manufacturing.  He has also helped establish a global network of Spurs’ dealerships and distributors.  Chris Jones joined the company two years ago and is responsible for product design and installation.

Spurs Line and Net Cutter Systems have been installed on more than 100, 000 vessels worldwide and are globally recognized for their ability to use opposing rotary and stationary cutting blades to sever lines and nets. The systems are ABS-approved and protected by U.S. and international patents.  Spurs’ products have made navigation safer for coast guards, navies, commercial shipping fleets and pleasure craft.

To learn more about Spurs Marine, visit our website at www.spursmarine.com. You may also contact Pablo Sosa or Chris Jones at +1 (954) 463-2707.

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