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HESGB 2013 043The Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain (HESGB*) annual dinner and dance earlier this month was more than a success. Over 430 guests from many countries around the world, come flocking through the doors of the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane to join the fun.

The President of the Society Dimitris Monioudis** and his events team, comprised by members of the Committee, did everything possible to entertain us in all respects: Starting with an impressive drinks reception at the Gold, Silver and Crush Room – that was the real starter with networking at its best, a first class dinning menu and catering service for the occasion by the hotel’s staff, and a triple entertainment program that never ever before took place in all the events put together in London that we’ve participated!

HESGB president Dimitris Monioudis with Dimitris Kostaras Vice President of Engineering Europe Division of ABS

HESGB President Dimitris Monioudis with Dimitris Kostaras Vice President of Engineering, Europe Division of ABS

Each year not only new members join HESGB, but companies too honor this event: this year we witnessed Wartsila from Northern Europe, Nippon Paint from Japan, the Olympus Marine Group from Florida, Marine Turbo Engineering from the UK; from the middle of the Pacific Ocean the Marshall Islands Registry, one of the five largest in the world, and ExxonMobile –all major institutions proving the good job done, as well as the reputation of the Society. “Supporting the sponsors” too, is yet another message as the support and networking furthers and supports HESGB but aboove all the shipping industry in its enirety. It’s worth going through this year’s programmme-book and see the multitude of companies supporting and adevrtising their products and services to gobal shipping clients!

Flanked by Tony Julien on the left, and Theofilos Xenakoudis on the rigt the International Registries/Marshall Islands Regisrty made their presence felt...

Flanked by Tony Julien on the left, and Theofilos Xenakoudis on the right the International Registries/Marshall Islands Regisrty made their presence felt…

It was half way through our  black forest cake when the dancers from the Greek Ladies’ Lycee in London (Lykeion ton Ellidnidon) appeared on stage performing folklore dances from the Greek Islands and Minor Asia – a great performance creating the right atmosphere for a great night. Congratulations to both Pyghi Skinitis and Annita Williams for an excellent performance of their groups. Dozens of camera flashes by the photographers present and guests, honoured this unique momentum.

The GSCC's Director Commodore (Rt.HCG) Konstantinos Amarantides and his wife Tenia

The GSCC’s Director, Commodore (Rt.HCG) Konstantinos Amarantides and his wife Tenia

If the dancers raised the guests spirits, the Surprise of the evening was the  performance by Soprano Katerina Mina, Tenor Shaun Dixon and Pianist Graig White, leaving all ecstatic; excellent!

ClassNK Dr. A Rahima and his wife with Hermes' Nick and Peghe Skinitis

ClassNK Dr. A Rahim and his wife with Hermes’ Nick and Pyghi Skinitis

All on stage to the music of Hellenic Nights and DJ Avgoustinos Galiatsos for more than an hour with Greek and international music and songs – the Lycee dancers joined in too, creating a very joyful atmosphere, the preamble for Valentine’s…

The Lloyd's Register table

The Lloyd’s Register table “A”, with Tom Boardley at the centre,  and from the left George and Deppie Margaronis, Mrs. A. Flitsani, the Stamatopoulos’, John and Xenia M. Hadjipateras, Takis Markatos with his wife and Mrs. V. Kotsovolou

The Raffle Prize Draw was more than unique with nearly twenty gifts, a very

The President's table

The President’s table, with (l to r basis): Paul Surry, partners Reed Smith LLP, Eline Muller from Multraship BV, D. Theodorou of Svtizer Salvage Greece, Ms Ifigenia Tsitouri from Horizon Travel, Dimitris Monioudis and his wife Camila de Oliveira Diniz, John de Vries from  Svitzer Salvage BV and his wife Alejandra, Mrs. Christina Pappas and her husband Takis Pappas from Pacific & Atlantic Shipmanagement, Takis Vareltzis form Quintana Ship Management with his wife Peggy, peter Nicholson from TMC Marine Consultants and his wife Nike.

thoughtful selection from well known individuals and companies. The first three, a 7 days cruise for two offered by Majestic Cruises went to Anastasia Svetzouri; A weekend break for two in the Lake District kindly donated by Fujairah Marine Services and Trading went to Isabel Corniciuc, and an apple ipad by BV.Marina Providoring Agencies MPA went to Professor George Mitchell. All in all great prizes amongst them  A Flight Experience on a four-seater SR 22 Cirrus  – trust me, the best experience you can have, and other special gifts or gifts services proves the great support for HESGB!

The Ladies Lycee dancers in full swing...

The Ladies Lycee dancers in full swing…

The meticulousness of organizing this event, the performance, purpose and the result is something which was discussed during and after the event – a nice weekend gossip. The events team and families supported by all members did, once again their utmost for the success. It seems that the feedback form pays dividends and again remind you again this year for those who haven’t complete same to do it, as small details makes the difference.

The Zeus table with Anny Zade, The Zarifis', the Leontopoulos, Cyprus' Cultural Councellor Kypros Charalambous and his companion Ashna, the Kyriakides', Magda Chrysomali, and Barnet's Councilor Barry Evangeli

The Zeus table with Anny Zade, the Zarifis’, the Leontopoulos’, Cyprus’ Cultural Councellor Kypros Charalambous and his companion Ashna, the Kyriakides’, Magda Chrysomali, and Barnet’s Councillor Barry Evangeli

This is an example for those down in Greece to analyze and get the message! I left the youngsters last: an increase from last year. Building up a shipping nation of international caliber, such as Greece, one needs to have mentorship at the forefront and HESGB families do this with their off-springs to all intents and purposes. and what about women? Wives and entrepreuners too who support our industry! We have to make a special mentioning to  the contribution of women as WISTA members where there too and we must mention HESGB Secretary Patty Apostolopoulou of Lloyds Register Asia who made it all the way from Korea!

Blohm & Voss Jan-Kees Pillar and his wife

Blohm & Voss Jan-Kees Pillar and his wife


The idea to form a Club had been regularly mulled over since the early 1980’s, but it was not until the summer of 1995, that a group of Greek Engineer friends, based in the UK and predominantly Graduates from Newcastle and Sunderland, conclusively decided to form a “Club of Greek Engineers” with its main goal to maintain social contact amongst its widely spread membership. Later that year, the first General Assembly was held, at which time, the official name of “Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain” was endorsed, the Society’s statutes were formulated and the first Governing Committee was elected.

Soprano Katerina Mina with tenor Shaun Dixon; at the piano (back stage- Graig White

Soprano Katerina Mina with tenor Shaun Dixon; at the piano (back stage) Graig White. Photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

From inception, the aim of the Society has been to nurture and promote professional and social contact amongst its members and particularly younger members, newly positioned within the shipping industry. This is achieved by holding informal gatherings, providing a forum for exchanging views on technical matters and by organising numerous social and cultural events.

Katerina Mina perfoming

Katerina Mina performing – Photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

The Society started off with around eighty Founding Members and since then has increased in membership year on year, firmly establishing its presence within the UK maritime industry. In fact, just as Greek shipping history goes back over 4, 000 years, we are proud to report that our Society’s membership has a collective experience within the industry exceeding 4, 000 years.

At the same time, we have also been privileged to welcome into our ranks a number of non-Engineer Associate Members, who have wished to actively participate and support our Society’s functions and thus broadening our influence even further.

and the lucky punter is....

and the lucky punter is…. Photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

2009 was truly memorable in our Society’s brief history. Our new logo was introduced to critical acclaim, based on the trireme , the ancient Greek warship which was fast, agile and state of the art, all attributes we wish to emulate three millennia later. Our website was also revamped and relaunched bringing our members even closer together. Finally, our very first event outside the UK borders, was held in Athens in November in conjunction with Newcastle University.

A  ladies greek foklore dance with Camila Monioudis at centre stage - photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

A ladies greek foklore dance with Camila Monioudis at centre stage – photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

This new decade sees both the wider industry and the Society facing new challenges and looking forward to achieving new successes. Global financial volatility, environmental concerns and the threat to security, affect all of us both collectively and as individuals. Nevertheless, I am confident that our new Governing Committee, to be elected in the next few months, will be more than able to meet such issues, drawing on a mixture of experience and innovation reflecting our Society’s broader membership.

(above is from the HESGB site)


Dancing to the end: engineering fun comes to age! - photo bt Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

Dancing to the end: engineering fun comes to age! – photo by Apollonia Zagoritou-Koukios

**Attached hereunder is his very well construed speech, a message for Politicians, Regulators and the Public at large; do please click here and have a taste of pragmatism; please log on here to read same: PRESIDENTS ADDRESS 2013



NB. More photos can be found at  the HESGB site www.hesgb.com where you can also view interesting info about the Society and also become a member by completing the respective form.

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