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HOT Port News from GAC

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YGAClogo_cmykour daily news service from ports around the world.  

In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:  

  • South Africa, all ports – Approved marine fire service stations  
  • Philippines, Palawan – Offshore drilling operations  
  • Singapore, all ports – Waterborne fee for supply of PUB water to vessels  in port  
  • Australia, Port Kembla – Damage to coal terminal ship loader (Update 22  February)  
  • Australia, Port Kembla – Anchorage cleared due to severe weather  
  • Mexico, Coatzacoalcos – Installation of tunnel to close terminals

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: South Africa  PORT: all ports  Approved marine fire service stations

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has advised a new list  of approved marine fire service (DOTFAS) stations.

In its Marine Notice No. 3 of 2013 the Authority states that all  firefighting appliances installed on South African ships to be serviced at  intervals not exceeding 12 months by a SAMSA-approved marine fire service  station.

SAMSA, in collaboration with the industry, has developed a Code of Practice  for Marine Fire Service Stations (DOTFAS Code). The code sets out the  standards for the servicing of firefighting appliances; these standards  satisfy the requirements of the applicable regulations.

A firefighting appliance that has been serviced and certified by a marine  fire service station approved in terms of the DOTFAS Code will be accepted  as having met the requirements of Regulation 118(3).

At the time of publication of the marine notice, some marine firefighting  service stations are close to the date of expiry of their approval, the  onus to renew is left to the service providers. It has been noted that some  crafts/boats are operating on inland water areas where the service stations  may not be SAMSA approved; such service stations are still expected to be  SABS approved and are urged to register with SAMSA. Owners, managers,  masters and skippers are advised that should firefighting appliances be  serviced at a station which has not been approved or whose approval has  lapsed, the surveyor may reject this equipment and require it to be  re-serviced at an approved station. equipment and require it to be  re-serviced at an approved station.

For further details and information about operations at South African ports  contact GAC South Africa at shipping.capetown@gac.com

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: Philippines  PORT: Palawan  Offshore drilling operations

Shell Philippines Exploration will conduct drilling activities at Malampaya  offshore Northwest of Palawan as part of their commitment to the Department  of Energy.

The ENSCO 8504, a drilling rig, owned and operated by ENSCO Worldwide will  be towed from Kelidang, Brunei to SC 38 Malampaya Offshore Northwest of  Palawan at the speed of approximately 3.0 to 5.0 knots covering a distance  of about 478.5 Nautical Miles with ETA on or about 25 February.

Waypoint: 0  – Latitude:  05¢ª40’900″N  – Longitude: 113¢ª45’900″E  – Distance: X  – Course: X  – Remarks: Kelidang, Brunei

Waypoint: 1  – Latitude:  06¢ª07’928″N  – Longitude: 114¢ª09’944″E  – Distance: 36.02NM  – Course: 041.7¢ª  – Remarks: 36.05NM

Waypoint: 2  – Latitude:  05¢ª54’000″N  – Longitude: 114¢ª45’000″E  – Distance: 66.21NM  – Course: 069.6¢ª  – Remarks: 102.23NM

Waypoint: MA 11  – Latitude:  11¢ª38’000″N  – Longitude: 118¢ª54’000″E  – Distance: 376.04NM  – Course: 035.7¢ª  – Remarks: 478.27NM

All ships/watercrafts transiting the vicinity of the above-mentioned areas  are advised to take note of the information and take necessary  precautionary measures.

For information about operations in the Philippines contact GAC Philippines  at philippines@gac.com

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: Singapore  PORT: all ports  Waterborne fee for supply of PUB water to vessels in port    

From 1 May 2013, customers taking water from  PUB [Singapore’s Public Utilities Board] under the shipping category will  have to pay a Waterborne Fee (WBF) currently set at $0.5607 (before GST)  per cubic metre of water used.

As the WBF imposed by PUB is a tax to be le ied on all water users, the WBF  will be payable by  all vessels in port taking PUB water. The WBF will be  applicable for all PUB water supplies to vessels completed after 1 May  2013, 00:00 hours.  Port users will see the WBF indicated as a separate  line item in the bills for the PUB water quantity taken by the vessels.

For more information regarding the WBF imposed by PUB, you may wish to  contact  the PUB at  6731 3838 or refer to PUB’s website at  http://www.pub.gov.sg/general/Pages/WaterTariff.aspx

(For information about operations in Singapore contact GAC Singapore at  singapore@gac.com)   Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Port Marine Circular No.02  of 2013 dated 20 February 2013

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: Australia  PORT: Port Kembla  Damage to coal terminal ship loader (Update 22 February)  

Port Kembla Coal Terminal has advised the impact of the damage to its No.2  ship loader on vessel operations.

Larger vessels will require warping, and access to those with mid-ship  gangways may be difficult. Bunkering operations and providoring access may  also experience difficulties during this period.

There is currently no indication of when the damaged ship loader will be  back on line. Meanwhile, cargo loading is only being conducted using No.1  ship loader only.

For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at  shipping.australia@gacworld.com

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: Australia  PORT: Port Kembla  Anchorage cleared due to severe weather  

Due to severe weather conditions, high winds and 4-metre swells, the  Harbour Master at Port Kembla has ordered the anchorage to be cleared and  for all ships to proceed to sea and remain more than 12NM off the coast.The  anchorage is unlikely to re-open before Monday morning (25 February).

The port remains open and every harbour movement will be assessed subject  to the vessel size, draft wand swell conditions at the entry of the  break-water.

For information about operations in Australia contact GAC Australia at  shipping.australia@gacworld.com

DATE: February 22, 2013  COUNTRY: Mexico  PORT: Coatzacoalcos  Installation of tunnel to close terminals

The Mexican Government is starting to install a tunnel in the Coatzacoalcos  River to connect the urban area of the City of Coatzacoalcos, located on  the left bank of the river to its suburb Allende located on the right bank  of the river.

ThE tunnel is designed for cars, buses and to a certain degree trucks and  will solve the constant traffic jams on the Coatzacoalcos Bridge, 1.5 miles  from the river mouth.

Once completed, the tunnel will cross the river about 1.1 miles from the  river mouth, right at the entrance of Pajaritos Channel and the Commercial  Port located on the left bank of the river.

According to the authorities, from 8 March the work will interfere with the  navigation of vessels entering/sailing to either Pajaritos terminals  (Agronitrogenados, Innophos and Pemex) and to the Commercial Port terminals  located on the left bank of the river (Celanese, Cemex, Vopak, Bredero  Shaw, Pemex Gas, Multiver, Transferencias Graneleras del Istmo, Terminal  Marítima de Altamira (PMI – Pet coke), Edf Man, etc).

The process to install the tunnel beneath the river’s bottom will be  carried out in five different stages and will have the following  restrictions:   * During each stage, no traffic will be allowed during four days at Pajaritos Terminal and the Commercial Port Terminals.

* Once the port is reopened from the above mentioned four-day closure, the port will be reopened 24 hours during the first day only.

* During the next eight days, port traffic will be restricted to daylight only (no night traffic allowed).

* Vessels’ speed will be restricted to 6 knots while passing through the area.

The first stage will be carried out from 00:01 hours on 8 March until 24:00 hours on 11 March. The second stage is tentatively scheduled for between  00:01 hours on 21 March and 24:00 hours on 24 March (subject to confirmation).   For information about operations in Mexico contact GAC-Tomas Ruiz at gac-tomasruiz.mexico@gac.com

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