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Eos Risk Management Approved by Panama Maritime Authority

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eos-logo-cmyk-largeEos Risk Management Approved by Panama Maritime Authority

A leading maritime and offshore security risk solutions company has received official approval from the Panama Maritime Authority.

On 6th March Eos Risk Management Ltd officially joined a prestigious list of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) with extensive knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with piracy. The company is now approved to provide armed security officers on-board Panamanian registered vessels in high-risk waters, and ships travelling through the Panama region.

Any Panamanian flagged vessel that utilises the services of an authorised PMSC such as Eos will not have to apply for any type of authorisation from the Panama Maritime Authority unless a Port Authority requires this.

This formal authorisation has been sent to shipping companies, ships owners, Masters, legal representatives for Panamanian vessels and related organisations.

Protection for Panama

Panamanian ships face the risk of a hostile attack when they pass through seas which are known to be profitable hunting grounds for pirate groups. Somali pirates who capture vessels and their crew for ransom fees carry out these attacks and, more recently, Nigerian pirates who attempt to board these ships with the aim of stealing the cargo in order to sell on the black market.

Modern day piracy is an on-going issue for shipping companies, ships owners/masters and other related organisations who incur substantial losses not to mention the human cost in terms of lives lost.

Eos Risk Management is fully equipped to deal with any hostile maritime situation. With its recent approval they are now able to protect their clients’ assets safely, more efficiently and help to reduce downtime costs due to their pre-approved Authority status.

They require the services of on-board armed security officers such as those provided by Eos Risk Management Ltd who are fully equipped to deal with any hostile situation.

Panama Maritime Authority

This State run agency (www.amp.gob.pa) was established in 1998 and is an Administrator appointed by the President of the Republic of Panama.

Its duties include the promotion and co-ordination of its National Maritime Strategy; the management and regulation of the maritime sector; the strict observation of treaties and other international agreements; and to safeguard internal interests on national waters around the coast of Panama.

Why Eos Risk Management Ltd

The continuing threat of piracy requires a concerted effort by the international community in the form of specialist maritime security companies such as Eos Risk Management Ltd.

They provide protective security, threat intelligence, consultancy and training courses which are specifically designed to counter piracy, hijack and other serious incidents.

Eos has acquired a reputation for professionalism, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence at all times, providing a sense of security in an uncertain world.

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