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Europe must make or break; enough is enough!  

John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

The following are the main points – in brief – from the latest John Faraclas live interview to Panos Thomakos on SBC TV last Friday the 22nd  of March 2013:


1)Faraclas begun with the coming event of  Greece’s Independence day  for the coming Monday 25 March 2013, saying that this is an important event as the Greek Military is the only good thing left in Greece! Greece as a country has become a wreck! Thomakos agreed but went quickly to ask why in London the Economist had Cyprus sinking surrounded by sharks… “is it something hidden there?” Faraclas countered that at least the shipping community knows how to avoid the “sharks”! Thomakos asked what is the view of the shipowners on the Cypriot saga. Faraclas said that the Greek shipping family is closely watching the events in Cyprus and that the Greek shipping fraternity has greatly supported and continues to support Maritime Cyprus.

2) Thomakos said that Cyprus Tax Fee ceased to exist a couple of days ago and Faraclas explained the reasons but also hailed the good services that Cyprus offers, plus the fact that Mrs. Merkel for example shouldn’t forget how many  German companies are in Cyprus and Singapore and that it is unfair to treat Cyprus in this way. Everybody knows why this treatment takes place; it is a common secret… Faraclas said….

Faraclas blamed the bankers for this current situation, the European bankers!. Thomakos mentioned the Russian dealings with Cyprus, the real estate business and that there was an advanced warning. Faraclas said that despite the position and bullying of Cyprus by all in the area, the envy for the Cypriots is what caused this situation.  Faraclas also explained the issue of Malta with all its past (the Mintoff regime), but explained that there are other reasons of why Cyprus is being attacked. Furthermore and with respect the Greek opposition’s stance on many issues, Faraclas mentioned what happened in the past with the Socialists (Pasok) who destroyed Greece! He also mentioned why the Independence Greeks keep this stance and wondered if there is anything within Nea Democratia to analyze!

3) On the international front and the behavior of Turkey in the Aegean, entering the Greek territorial waters, who is to blame? Thomakos sounded unhappy too!

4) What about the Greek shipyards? Nobody is caring for the shipyards. Faraclas mentioned the mess with the shipyards, he accused the current government for its wrong choices in selected the person to short out the shipyards issue, hence proven one hundred centum right from his summer prediction on the selection of Mr. Anastassopoulos to deal with the shipyards and the failure so far. Add the European pressure against the Greek Shipyards and see what’s up!

5)Faraclas mentioning the small rise of the BDI at 933 points up 41 from the previous week, but also repeated that overcapacity is making it explicit that this is nothing to celebrate for, as uncertainty is here to stay. Overcapacity the name of the Game.

On the Ports issue he said “….here is the chance to go ahead with appropriate synergies and created the much needed development”. He also mentioned the issue of the Hellenic Coast Guard, adding also the issue on naming and shaming all those who have harmed Greece insisting that the government know who they are and must forthwith sit on the dock, punished so as he country knows who has committed all these financial crimes.

6)Faraclas ended by saying that in view of Greece’s Independence Day, it is a good chance for all Greece to re-unite and tackle all problems with respective synergies, the synergies that liberated them and brought them forward as leaders in the world stage!

We look forward to our viewers comments. As usual there will be a translation into English.

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Yannis April 7, 2013 - 9:24 AM

Dear Mr Faraclas

Your Friday Report is always useful and interesting.


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