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All change…

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

All change… By John Faraclas

The latest events and conversely the news spread around the world – particularly in Europe, are offering the chance to say: All change!

The policies of Mrs Merkel’s administration, posing as Europe’s super power and governing Europe will create unprecedented events beyond the borders not just of the Eurozone, but that of the entire European Continent, not to mention the world!

What are these policies?

Well, for a start:

a) Austerity for all for the benefit of  Mrs. Merkel’s darlings: the bankers,

b) Destruction of all of capitalism’s bastions, as the new world order prohibits the usage of these bastions, and,

c) Hard life for all of Europe’s 700 million people, including her own nationals. Quality of life evaporates and unemployment will rock the boat…

The shipping Industry too will suffer as a result of her policies. She has to see though her country’s KG companies collapse and then what others do at her expense and the bankers she cares for! In contrast to this, Greece a country bullied by Mrs Merkel’s policies and that of her supporters, asks for WWII reparations from Germany amounting to Euros 162 billion or £ 106 billion or US$ 212 billion. I bet you that you cannot guess what might happen out of this Greek demand if same, appropriately construed, is pursued further to all intents and purposes and with whatever this entails…!

The behaviour of Mr. Hollande will also contribute to Mrs. Merkel’s policies. But why Mr. Hollande is so concerned about the tax havens? You need two in a tango and Mr. Hollande in order to save face, will succumb to Mrs. Merkel’s inhumane policies and go all the way to destroy the tax havens. Did I hear you say Cahuzac…? Add to the above Mrs. Lagarde’s way of thinking, and see what happens…

Instead of destroying Europe with unprofessional policies, both Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Hollande have to see why their countries imports are hit so hard and will continue as the Eurozone crisis hammers consumers budgets! I guess Mr. Schauble …knows best.. By the way: where did all the good money go?

Other weaker European States subjected and influenced to and by German and French policies will follow suit and support this duo, which at the end of the day will attack each other with a multiple of forms for the third time round over the last 200 years! Financial warfare is hell in comparison with that fought on the battlefield.

Past global events and “synergies”

Some years ago, when the bullying officially begun and the PIGS case was introduced, few ever imagined what was yet to come. Instead of having Europe of the masses after the end of the Cold War, we have Europe to and for the benefit of the disgraced bankers. All over Europe the banking scandals have reach unprecedented levels, correct me if I am wrong! These scandals should stop forthwith, otherwise I am afraid things will get sour…; just remember this. Do bear in mind that the BRICS saga is now a reality as these five nations, well supported and backed by the enemies of Europe, will soon smash Mrs. Merkel’s (and Mr. Hollande’s) policies. At the end of the day, who wishes to be bullied by France’s beleaguered president?

Ah! Cyprus…!

Did I hear you say accounting rules? Did I hear you say banking risk lending assessment?

Can you confine me what is meant with “nobody throws good money after bad?” The case of Cyprus and what will follow in this turbulent eastern bastion of Europe, will be not even for your wildest dreams and Cyprus has been used as a warning for other nations of the supposed to be family of European nations of what is yet to come!

Who’s setting-up Kim Jong Un?

Obviously we do have other worries; the stand-off at the Korean peninsula and who will fight this time the new proxy war? It is supposed this war has ended… It’s over sixty years now and the situation is still the same. Will Kim Jong Un dare? You never ever know…

What is yet to come? How the shipping industry will protect itself?

Given the above, it is about time our industry protects itself to all intents and purposes, not just from … pirates – still not eradicated, but also from the politicians eyeing the destruction of the private shipping enterprise! I guess that here it pays to deceive, and why not! After all, the shipyards depended on the crook bankers’ policies and shipbrokers greediness – who at the end of the day created this overcapacity by big hand-outs as loans on bubble ship prices during 2003-2009, and futile promises of a greater and long lasting shipping boom, not only to greedy owners and under the stairs managers, which will firstly destroy those who introduced it, but for others too.

And what about America (The US) and Japan; how will these uneasy partners react? The United Kingdom too has great concerns. Was the Euro a good option, or a step before the mess? Time will tell! Until then, let’s see who thrives in chaos! Why Soros insists in the issuance of join debts bonds, with or without Germany? What is he up to this time? Can this save the Euro or his vested interests?

Look forward your comments.

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