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SAMI praises rules for the use of force

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Sami and awardThe Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), the global organisation representing the maritime security industry, has announced its satisfaction that the long awaited 100 Series rules for the use of force (RUF) have been released.

The rules, authored by David Hammond, a UK barrister-at-law and maritime lawyer, are the result of an extensive consultation period across the shipping industry, and SAMI has played a vital role in facilitating their development.

Working with Mr Hammond, and with the support of BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping, and the Marshall Islands flag administration, SAMI has long seen the100 Series RUF as a vital pillar in the provision of maritime security as it represents another key milestone in the acceptance and assimilation of security into the shipping industry.

The rules are intended to be the first international model set of RUF for the benefit of and use by the entire maritime industry. While they will not provide any form of indemnity or immunity against civil or criminal liability when force has been used unlawfully, there is now a model against which privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) may be professionally trained; companies audited and operator actions measured and judged by competent authorities.

SAMI has long been pressing the case for model RUF, and even as myths and misconceptions arose, the association maintained its strong support and backing for the project. This saw the association host, in concert with 9 Bedford Row International, the first international conference on RUF and the industry was able to stand together to show how vitally important this issue is, and how significant the development of these rules is.

SAMI Founder and Security Director Peter Cook, “SAMI believes that rules for the use of force are vital to protect operatives, seafarers, and even pirates, as they ensure that maritime security actions are reasonable, necessary and proportionate”.

He adds, “We took the decision to support the development because the guidance of the past simply wasn’t enough, and we strongly believe that these rules can and will deliver to the betterment of all.”

The rules have undergone stringent operator, commercial and legal scrutiny from across the maritime industry, and at the core is the basic principle of the individual right of self-defence; itself a universal concept and which can now be tied into a formal audit trail to prove the proper steps have been applied in protecting life at sea.

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI)

SAMI provides an international independent non-governmental organization for the maritime security industry and a focal point for global maritime security matters.

The SAMI membership is made up of international maritime security from over 35 different nations, as well as equipment, technology and hardware providers exploring technical maritime security solutions.


Further information about the 100 Series Rules is at:  www.100seriesrules.com

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