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In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali – Traditional 60′ FT Dhow Sailing Race
* India, Mumbai – Naval firing practice

DATE: May 15, 2013
COUNTRY: United Arab Emirates
PORT: Jebel Ali
Traditional 60′ FT Dhow Sailing Race

Dubai International Marine Club will be organising Traditional Dhow Sailing Race on Saturday, 18th May 2013 @ 05:00 AM.

The details of race are as follows.

Estimated number of boats          : 100 Boats
Standard Length of Boat               : 60’ Feet
Racing Area                                      : Between Sir Bu Na’air Island and Burj Al Arab (Race course attached)
Date and Time                                 : Saturday, 18th May 2013 (05:00 hrs. To 16:00 hrs.)

Race Course
Starting Point-    Sir Bu Na’air Island        : 25° .13’ .173” N – 054° .14’ .426” E
Check Point-      Moon Island                   : 25° .16’ .554” N – 054° .40’ .198” E
Finish Point-       North of Burj Al Arab     : 25° .09’ .429” N – 055° .09’ .771” E

Navigation Warning:
All Shipping agents are hereby encouraged to disperse the above message to vessel masters scheduled to manoeuvre in the vicinity of attached race course area on 18th May 2013, to excise extreme caution to respect the on-racing Dhows and to avoid any obstructions.  Vessel Master can contact Jebel Ali Port Control on VHF Ch-16/ 69 for any information regarding the above.

We will update for any changes due to weather conditions. We request the cooperation of all to ensure smooth running of event.

We thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

For any queries, pls contact NVV Prasad on +97148835251
Source: DP World, Marine Department (U.A.E)

DATE: May 15, 2013
PORT: Mumbai
Naval firing practice

Mumbai Port Trust has advised that naval firing practice will be carried out between 0930 and 1300 hours on 22 May.

No inward shipping movements will be permitted after 0830 hours on this day. Further, no achorages will be allowed after 1200 hours on 19 May.

The process of vacating the harbor of vessels anchored in the inner Mumbai harbor will commence from 0830 hours on 20 May. Only vessels which are continuously discharging cargoes at stream will be allowed to remain until the night of 21 May and early morning (i.e. 0600 on 22 May).

All vessels which will be arriving in Mumbai Port for demolition are required to have enough fuel and be adequately manned to shift to the outside anchorage.

Small vessels which are south of the middle ground and cannot proceed out of the harbor due to High Court arrest orders are required to be shifted to locations north of the middle ground.

No anchorage berths will be allotted to vessels in the inner Mumbai harbor south of the middle grounds after 19 May.

For information about operations in India contact GAC India at india@gac.com

*for yesterday 15 May 2013, as we faced internert problems and same inserted today 06:18 hrs

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