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Caution for the World Shipping Markets and …Greece!:

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

The following are the main points from the latest John Faraclas live interview to Panos Thomakos of SBC TV last Friday the 21st of June 2013; please log below and listen:

Introducing the interview, Thomakos sparked a note of optimism for good news vis-à-vis the shipping markets and indeed Faraclas response was more than welcomed with the BDI going 200 plus points (from the latest 801) to 1, 027! Faraclas though was reserved as he maintains that there are not promising news for further market improvements to the levels that shipowners anticipate, as the economic and geopolitical environment is bleak to all intents and purposes.

The abrupt closing down of ERT (the sort of equivalent to the BBC), the mass strike of all media bringing the government to a point of no return… particularly when one coalition partner in the threesome Greek Government left…

Other matters discussed were:

a)The Liberty Congress on board the s/s “Hellas Liberty” in Piraeus spearheaded by Spyros Polemis under a unique theme: “Enhancing Cooperation and Sharing Responsibility”, for which the credits go to all except the chartering fraternity which was absent!

b)The 5th WISTA-Med and 20th Anniversary of WISTA-Hellas in Hydra, with the main theme being that of the Seafarer was also discussed.

c)The Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee’s AGM and its President’s thoughtful message was well received by Thomakos and conversely (as we learned) from the audience/viewers.

d)The successful Athens Exchnage event in New York!

Finally, the issue of trust of the international community on Greece was discussed , as well as Turkey, the SAMI reception on board the “Wellington” on Thames – issues on certification for armed guards and status within the IMO..

The above and other matters you can see on the video above and soon with subtitles in English; enjoy it!

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