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A happy time for Somali Pirates

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Iro J. Theophanides

Iro J. Theophanides

A happy time for Somali Pirates,   by Iro J. Theophanides Strategic director of Unics Ltd.

A strike to Assad’s arsenal may have a possible domino effect in the entire Middle East.

If so, most of the naval units which provide a protective shield for the steaming of Merchant vessels in the HRA – High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean, will probably be engaged in deferent assignments.

This hypothetical scenario may well surface at any time.

Then it is logical that the eligible pirates will find the proper time to strike hard to any vessel that will be found in their positions.

In this case shipping companies should be very careful for the selection of the right Marine Security companies where their personnel should  not only be typically eligible for the job, but they have to be persons with seafaring experience, as seamanship is the name of the game; the game of safety and protection without hick-ups.

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