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Port of Antwerp and EXMAR announce strategic alliance for LNG bunkering in Antwerp

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nieuw EXMAR LOGO vect (2)As a result of a European public tender, the Antwerp Port Authority appointed ship owning 
company EXMAR as its strategic partner for LNG bunkering in the port of Antwerp. Both partners
have teamed up for the development of an LNG bunkership as well as for the execution of
several further required studies.

LNG as a fuel is an excellent solution for ship owners to meet the various emission regulations  that will come into force as from 2015. Compared to traditional ship fuels such as heavy fuel oil
and diesel, the use of LNG significantly reduces the emission of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides,  CO2 and particulate matter. LNG is therefore considered as the ship fuel of the future.
Through their strategic alliance, the Port Authority and EXMAR want to facilitate the use of LNG  as ship fuel. Both partners plan to start with the actual construction of the LNG bunkership early 2014.

Mr. Eddy Bruyninckx, CEO of the port of Antwerp, states: “the Port Authority wishes to not only
encourage but also to facilitate the use of LNG as ship fuel because of the associated
environmental- and sustainable benefits. The Port Authority therefore wants to ensure that ships
calling the port of Antwerp are able to bunker LNG as ship fuel as from 2015. By calling on the
LNG expertise of EXMAR, LNG shall be offered as a ship fuel in a safe and efficient manner. The
Port Authority’s ambition to position itself as a sustainable port is herewith put into action.”

POAMr. Nicolas Saverys, CEO of EXMAR, adds: “EXMAR is very pleased to work together with the
Port Authority on developing LNG bunkering in Antwerp. EXMAR considers LNG bunkering as a
strategic target market for the coming years. Independent studies indicate that the LNG
bunkering market has a worldwide potential of an additional tens of millions of tonnes of LNG per
year by 2020. Given its unique LNG expertise in i.a. the transfer of LNG via flexible hoses,
EXMAR is perfectly placed to position itself in this new LNG bunkering market and thus
substantially contribute to the further reduction of ship emissions.

About the port of Antwerp: With a freight volume of 184 million tonnes (2012) Antwerp is the second
largest port in Europe. It is a multifunctional port with facilities for handling bulk, conventional
breakbulk and containers. But the port is more than just a transit centre. In addition to being loaded
and unloaded here the goods are stored, repackaged, distributed and set on transport to their end
destination. Finally there are numerous industrial companies based in the port, mainly producing
chemicals. In fact Antwerp is the largest integrated cluster of chemical and petrochemical companies
in Europe.
Antwerp Port Authority is an independent municipal port company headed by a board of directors and
a management committee. The Port Authority has its own powers of decision and is able to enter into
contracts and collaboration agreements with other companies and government bodies.

About EXMAR NV: EXMAR, with its headquarters in Antwerp is a leading independent LNG and LPG
Carrier Owner and Operator. In addition, it is a provider of industrial marine and energy logistical
solutions for transport, regasification and liquefaction within the oil and gas industry.
Having over three decades of trading experience, EXMAR maintains a high leadership profile with the
industry’s largest players through continuous innovation. EXMAR continues to transition from pure
shipping to a provider of a full value chain of infrastructure and integrated logistics to address the
industry’s need for environmentally friendly and competitively priced energy solutions.
EXMAR strives to create shareholder value over the long term by balancing long and short-term
agreements to counteract volatility in the freight market, combined with providing services that are
tailored to the needs of the customer. EXMAR endeavours to support sustainable growth by attaching
the greatest importance to the quality of its fleet, the safety of personnel and equipment and the
protection of the environment.

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