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A view of some of the old Captains mansions in Elbterrasen - photo by Anny Zade

A view of some of the old Captains mansions in Elbterrassen – photo by Anny Zade

Down Hamburg memory sea-lane….

After  57 years of …absence, and despite visiting Germany very often,  managed to visit Hamburg, the German port of ports on the occasion of Intermodal Europe 2013, which brought me back memories of childhood when, during the summer period – spanning three to four months, I was sailing* with my family around the world on board ships under the command of my late father Captain Nicholas M. Faraclas with the very advanced** for their time ships of Christopher and Pantelis A. Margaronis  group, family relatives. We visited with Anny the  very spot on Father Elbe that we sailed-in back in 1956, a very touching moment!

After a brief visit at the open Maritime Museum, with ships – original ships, nearly 100 years old and a nice walk at the Captain’s  Houses residence district at Elbestrasse, at the very spot down memory… sealane, Anny filmed the… anniversary event! Strongly recommend you to pay tribute to shimanship and maritime heritage! The video by Anny Zade, is self explanatory…

*On that occasion the vessel was the S/S Santa Despina

**about  15, 000 dwt built 1956 all aft tweendeckers

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