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ICS launches new website

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Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett

The principal international trade association for shipowners, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), has launched a new website, see www.ics-shipping.org

The updated ICS website has been designed to work on tablets and on other
mobile devices.

In addition to news about ICS’s ongoing representational work with
regulators on behalf of the global shipping industry, the website contains a
large number of useful resources for ship operators that can be downloaded
and printed off by shipping companies and seafarers, free of charge.

The site also contains information about the many best practice publications
which ICS produces on behalf of shipowners, detailed information about ICS
and its membership of national shipowners’ associations, plus generic
information about international careers at sea, including videos.

ICS Director External Relations, Simon Bennett, remarked:

“Our new website is intended to reflect the professionalism of ICS and the
industry which it serves as its representative voice at the global level.”

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