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Unique laser will dazzle delegates at Transport Security Expo

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Britania trans sec 2013 logo 12 November 2013 -Britannia Maritime Security (BMS) is launching a unique laser which offers the private maritime security industry a non-lethal option for repelling hijackers or other potential attackers.

The SMU – 100 Laser Dazzler, which works both day and night at 800 metres with two square metres coverage, is designed to cause temporary blindness and nausea, with no long-term effects.

BMS Managing Director Stuart Niven will introduce the weapon at the Ships & Ports Security session of the Transport Security Expo on 13-14 November at Olympia in London.

“The Dazzler has been developed over a number of years by Paul Kerr, an ex-Royal Marine Commando and now Head of Development at our partner Photonic Security Services, ” explains Niven. “Its unique pencil-thin beam is scanned over the scene to temporarily impair vision without any danger of long-term damage to either the user or the target.”

The laser will penetrate sunglasses and, by scanning to cover two square metres, it affects all the people in an approaching skiff or boat. It comes with a mounting pole for use on a ship’s bridge wings, although it is also designed to be used by personnel on oil platforms and other maritime environments. Full training in using the weapon will be provided by BMS.

“This unique product is key operated and intrinsically safe, ” says Niven. “Conventional lasers use simple optics to generate an expanding beam and by-standers close to the unit can receive eye injury from reflections. This is not the case with the SMU-100 Laser Dazzler.

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to launch the SMU-100 Laser Dazzler at the Transport Security Expo as it attracts exactly the audience we want.”

The SMU-100 Laser Dazzler is waterproof, low maintenance and the ideal product for deterring potential attackers without causing long-term damage.

UK-based BMS specialises in best practice in managing risk, supplying escort vessels, protecting oil and gas assets and providing anti-piracy solutions. It was the first company accredited by Panama to offer protection on transits on board Panamanian flag vessels.

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