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NANOWAVES launches its revolutionary eco-friendly fouling release system at METS 2013

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November 20, 2013 – On the occasion of the METS 2013 yachting show held in Amsterdam, the Belgian company Nanowaves proudly announces the worldwide release of its patented non-toxic fouling release system – biocides and heavy metals free.

Barnacles, among other fouling organisms, are a major problem for watercraft of all types. Stuck to a hull they can drastically decrease the vessel’s hydrodynamics, causing it to burn more fuel and emit more CO2 emissions in order to maintain its cruising speed. The most common way of keeping barnacles off those hulls involves the use of toxic substances, which gradually leach out of the paint and poison the marine ecosystem.

Nanowaves has united two breakthrough Belgian technologies; a coating loaded with carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and an ultrasound device to develop the most effective non-toxic fouling release system available on the market. Even if announced today, this system has gone through extensive testing and already has a wide proven track record.

Based on cutting-edge chemical innovations, Nanowaves does not only avoid the leaching of toxic paints in the marine ecosystem, it also allows the reduction of services costs as dry docking and repaint jobs every 2 to 3 years can be skipped compared to other traditional antifouling products.

The coating’s nano-textured surface helps drastically increase watercrafts’ hydrophobicity while immersed, allowing an overall enhancement of the boat’s performance (substantial speed gain).
The coating also reinforces the hulls mechanical properties, increasing its corrosion and scratch resistance.

Nanowaves is easily applicable on numerous materials including aluminum, steel and polyester. The Belgian company is so confident in the quality of its combined products (CNTs coating & ultrasound device), that it offers its clients a 5-Year warranty!

Nanowaves is in Hall 1 – Booth 852… at METS 2013 A

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