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Did I hear you say cheese…?

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photo (61)Holland is not just the tulips, or its canals, or the red light district in Amsterdam, or maritime history and heritage; Holland is connected like no other place in the world with cheese!

It would have been a grave mistake not to visit during the site’s maritime trip to Holland at least one of the best and most famous cheeseshops in Amsterdam:  the famous Kaasland Singel at Haarlemmerstraat 2 with more than 180 types of Dutch  cheeses, including its speciality in Gouda cheeses.

Gouda cheese tops the lists of stores and provisions of most ships be it cargo, passenger, cruise and ferry boats all over the world, a very familiar and worldwide recognised cheese speciality the Dutch know best!

As you read the news there has been even “cheese” wars, court cases that you cannot imagine the “ferocity” of the parties concerned vis-a-vis  the name and origin of various cheese “brand” names. Cheese has lately become the ingredient, the means, that together with wine, create the atmosphere for any event…

We talked to it proprietor and here is what he said:

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