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Naming Ceremony for m/v Ever Lotus

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The m/v "Ever Lotus" naming ceremony

The m/v “Ever Lotus” naming ceremony

December 10, 2013 – Evergreen Group today held the naming ceremony for the EVER LOTUS, the fifteenth of the line’s L-type vessels built by Samsung Heavy Industries. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Raymond Lin, Vice Group Chairman of Evergreen Group. Ms. Ku Lai, Mei-Hsueh, Executive Vice President of Evergreen International Corp’s Financial Division, performed the official rope-cutting of the 8, 452-TEU vessel, wishing the new ship fair winds and safe voyages.

In his speech Mr. Lin said, “The naming ceremony today has a very special meaning. Lotus is a flower blooming on the water; so our newest vessel has a name that is symbolic. She will always sail the seas in full bloom. That is to say, fully loaded and bringing prosperous business to Evergreen Group.” EVER LOTUS is owned by Greencompass Marine SA (GMS), EMC’s Panamanian subsidiary. After her delivery on 11th December, she will join Evergreen Line’s Far East – Europe route, replacing an older vessel.

Evergreen commenced its fleet rejuvenation program with the ordering of thirty 8, 000 TEU L-type containerships when shipbuilding costs returned to sustainable levels in 2010. Besides, in order to meet the vessel demands of the joint venture agreements with its strategic partners, Evergreen has also chartered five 8, 800 TEU ships and ten 13, 800 TEU vessels. The delivery schedule of the vessels started in July 2012 and will be completed during the first half of 2015.

Of the forty five new vessels, twenty four will have joined Evergreen’s services on the delivery of EVER LOTUS. The fleet will receive another eighteen newbuildings in 2014 and the remaining three ships in 2015. To complete the fleet renewal program, the new vessels entering service will be balanced by a gradual redelivery of fifty-four chartered vessels as the terms of their charters expire.

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