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Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas of World Ports and Shipping Places 2014 28th Edition

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lma 28th edition 2014Published since 1951, Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas is the oldest and most respected atlas in the shipping industry. A comprehensive reference for locating the world’s busiest ports and shipping places, this new edition has been fully updated and enhanced with brand new maps and features to alleviate the demands on today’s busy shipping professional.


– Maritime Law for Professionals
– Shipping & Maritime Law
– Navigation
– Cartography

New to the 2014 edition:

– Fully up-to-date with the latest port names and locations.
– World map indicating where MARPOL, SECA and PSSA regulations are in force.
– Double page spread revealing piracy hotspots and detailed analyses of routes to avoid.
– World map of vaccinations required to protect against major global diseases.
– Fully updated weather hazards at sea and international load line zones maps.
– Up to the minute BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables.
– Hyperlinked index map on the CD-ROM to quickly take you to the required location.

In addition, Lloyd’s Maritime Atlas continues to provide:

– Precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates of over 8, 000 ports and shipping places from around the world.
– Over 70 full-colour world, ocean and regional maps.
– Expansive double-page world distance table plus 33 detailed regional tables to help you plan your route.
– Unique geographical and alphabetical indexing system to help you quickly and easily find a location.
– Free CD-ROM including piracy hotspots, search and rescue centres, and petroleum/bunker ports.
– All major canal and river systems, plus main road, rail and airport connections to cater for multi-modal journeys.

This book continues to be the premier reference guide for shipping professionals worldwide.

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Title Index:

Section 1: General Top 20 Ports, Index Map

Section 2: World and Ocean Maps Weather Hazards at Sea, International Load Line Zones, MARPOL, Vaccinations & Diseases, Piracy Hotspots, North Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Pacific Ocean, Arctic, Antarctic

Section 3: Regional Maps

Section 4: Canals

Pricing: Hard Copy : EUR 120

Ordering – Three easy ways to place your order:

1] Order online at http://www.researchandmarkets.com/publication/misoa8a/lloyds_maritime_atlas_of_world_ports_and_shi

2] Order by fax: Print an Order form from http://www.researchandmarkets.com/publication/misoa8a/lloyds_maritime_atlas_of_world_ports_and_shi and Fax to+353 1 4100 980

3] Order by mail: Print an Order form from http://www.researchandmarkets.com/publication/misoa8a/lloyds_maritime_atlas_of_world_ports_and_shi and post to Research and Markets, Guinness Center, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8. Ireland.

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