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Diving markets; will the BDI go under the 1, 000 mark? Will there be a correction?

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The Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange

Today’s Baltic closing found the BDI down 9 point at 1, 084, the BCI at 1, 513 minus three, and BPI 1313 minus 13 – the figure..”depicting” Agatha Christie’s novel and best sellers “13 for luck” – you never ever know, the BSI at 961 down 14 point and the BHSI down at 681, minus just one point… Overall the dry market lost 51, 5 centum from its last December 2013 closing; isn’t this alarming given the fact that from just 700 points it reach 2, 227 in 2013?  Don’t you call this unsustainability, as volatility is altogether something else…?

On the wet sector the BDTI was down – below the 1, 000 point-mark at 958 minus 46 points and the BCTI stable at 606 points. Climate change effects? Political manifestations or what?

We reiterate the view that we enter the dire straits of the world’s worse economic crisis; too many revolts in many countries, too many unsettled geopolitical and commercial trading issues… and too much political fraud!

Fine, there will be a correction as most analysts and mega brokers expect, but what if not! It’s not just overcapacity; it’s not just lack of orthodox shipfinance; there is more… despite newbuilding and second hand purchases of all kind of tonnage continues, uninterrupted!

We invite our viewers for a vote via the comments box below and let’s see what happens.  For sure we are going to see melodramatic situations and possible the social cohesion breaking apart if the world economic situation worsens, if the Eurozone and Europe in general remains unsustainable, if China and Japan dare clash… Well, many issues are at stake. Bernanke knows well… Yellen will be tried hard; watch this space!


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