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At the centre left the Hellenic Shipyards docks can be easily seen empty – photo courtesy John Faraclas

At the centre left the Hellenic Shipyards docks can be easily seen empty – photo courtesy John Faraclas

In all earnest: shouldn’t the judicial European Authorities check the Hellenic Shipyards et al issue…? John Faraclas writes:

I have been a strong advocate for over two decades (twenty-two years to be precise) that not only the Greek judicial authorities – that are  conspicuously slow, silent and or “indifferent”, but the European ones to intervene here and now and sort out the Hellenic Shipyards – Skaramanga Yard scandal, as well as the other Greek shipyards scandals.

It is too much for the Greek and European taxpayers to pay the damage that was purposely allowed by Greece’ s politicians and their cronies from all parts and paths of life and sectors too, as all eventual findings lead too. Needless to mention the participation and collaboration of the Unions too!

It is the scandal of scandals and it goes beyond any imagination. I am sure one day when a film is made, it will win all the Oscars; you bet!

Isn’t also pathetic to read in the media the testimonies of those arrested and the excuses they use? Isn’t pathetic to read of possible mergers even under a question mark?

Finally, the latest “outcome” from the meeting with Greece’s prime minister and deputy prime minister is at best out of any proportion. A simple question: who is to blame?

Viewers are invited to comment on the above and in particular why the entire process takes so long. It isn’t just the submarines issue; it’s far beyond that! For our viewers facilitation we have one link here from a previous analysis, as well as an article on Greece. There are numerous articles as well as live references on the shipyards issue in Greece as well as bribery and corruption. We look forward to your bold response; thank you.

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Stathopoulos February 10, 2014 - 4:31 PM

The only thing that is appalling is the FACT that Perama-Piraeus is deserted and looks like the ….dark side of the moon….and Tuzla – Istanbul instead is full of ships under repairs and all the shipyards there are full.

The shipping related industry in Greece is starving but in Turkey instead is ….growing !!!

Ten years ago it was the other way round.

Why ????


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