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The Sea She see factor…

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AUG SEPT 2011 043

Steady as she goes…

The Sea She see factor…  A message honouring all women and in particular those in the shipping world; John Faraclas writes: 

Today the world celebrates the 103rd Anniversary of International Women’s Day amid a global turmoil to all intents and purposes – try to put together all the events unfolding today and see for yourself what this turmoil is all about and how same affects women across the seven seas and beyond!

As you all know over the years and given my reports and surveys that I have personally conducted, organise, and attended as well as the speeches delivered to various international fora, I am very sensitive on the issue of Women and in particular the issue of Women in Shipping and today’s anniversary reminds me of all women I have come across the shipping spectrum all through my shipping life, prompting me to salute and congratulate them all!

As a medium involved in the world’s most important industry, we at www.allaboutshipping.co.uk wish women all over the world and their most representative international body in our Industry, WISTA-International Happy Anniversary and all the very best for WISTA-UK’s 40th Anniversary this coming May in London (and other cities in the UK), as well as WISTA-Cyprus organising this year’s international event this October.

Moreover we have devoted many articles, reports, news, views and interviews –  some of which made and still make headlines, from Maria Dixon, Irene Rosberg, Despina Panayotou-Theodosiou, Esme Palas, Lilian Evgenidis, Elena Kritikou, Rea Mitropoulou, Sofi Mylona, Dr. Anne-Marie Warris, Karin Orsel, Judith Patten,  Julie Clegg, María Belén Espiñeira,  Beatrice Njindou,  Oxana Andrienko,  Jenny Pournaras-Bardavillias, Laia Politou, Yanna Pavlopoulou, Eva Dai,  Olga Bornozis, Iro J. Theophanides, Irene Notias, Deppie Doxaki-Margaronis,  Fionna Gavin, the Panamanian Ambassador Ana Irene Delgado, Lesley Batchelor,  Jean Richards,  Olga Lazovskaya, MAria Kouliga-Pavlou, Vera Halkidi, Anna-Maria Monogiodi, Danae Bezantakou, Leena Mody,  Antigoni-Maria Vrohidou, Victoria Santos-Pires, Sanjam Sahi Gupta,  and many many others. Afrimari, The Business Council for Africa,  The London Shipping Law Centre with Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard, the IMIF  with Victoria Mott,  WISTA Cyprus, WISTA Denmark, WISTA Hellas, WISTA UK, WISTA Netherlands, WISTA Argentina, WISTA Russia,  WISTA Canada,   WISTA India and WISTA Sweden are amongst our staunch supporters; some other women gave us the pleasure and honour on business fashion (Helena Sendona) and arts (Eva Bratopoulou), The Media (Annita Patargia, Tania  Phayre, Maggie Aredjian, Natasha Brown, Judy Cheslin, Janet Porter) and many many other women’s support in contributing their time with us, including Jeanius Consulting – the all-women media consultancy collaborators. Finally, James Brewer’s unique articles on Women in Shipping, views and reports received an overwhelming/unprecedented  number of loggings!

We wish all women in our industry in their capacity as Administrators, Bankers, Bunker Brokers, Class Society Surveyors, Coast Guard Officers, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialists, Crew Consultants, Cruise Industry Personnel on board and ashore – hostess and entertainers, Educationalists, Energy executives, Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Events and Seminars Fashion Consultants and image makers, Flag State Administrators, Governmental Officials, Hedge Fund Consultants, IT and Computer Consultants, Journalists, Labour Organisations officials, Marine Insurance Specialists and Consultants, Maritime Artists, Master Mariners, Lawyers, Legal Consultants and mediators, Marine Engineers, Marine Organisations Executives, Marketing and Development Executives, Media and Press Consultants, Pilots, PA’s and office executives, P and I Claims Consultants and Lawyers, Piracy and Terrorist Consultants, Politicians, Port and Terminals Executives, Salvage and Towage  Specialists, Seafarers, Shipbrokers, Shipmanagers, Shipowners, Shipyards Executives, Seafarers of all ranks,  Travel Agencies University professors, WISTA International Women, Yacht specialists, last but not least: Mothers, Wives and Daughters that you take all the trouble to keep and support us at the forefront of this challenging adventure Shipping for all these millennia!

We remind the world that in this day and age Quality should be the key, not gender! As the world economy is in turmoil, I would strongly recommend any individual, male or female to give serious consideration to a career within shipping – on board and ashore!

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