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Concrete wins for Mozambique and Angola’s transport workers

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4228914 March 2014 – ITF affiliates in Mozambique and Angola were this week revealed to have gained almost 5, 000 new members in the year 2012-13, thanks to an education project in the region.

Six affiliated unions took part in the education project, run by the ITF and funded by Finland’s Trade Union Solidarity Centre (SASK). The project focused on strengthening affiliates’ organising and bargaining skills.

The affiliates have used their new negotiating skills to get real gains for workers in negotiations with employers. Reports from unions show that some have negotiated new medical provision, others now have health insurance, and one union has even negotiated a Christmas bonus for its members.

Anna Karume, ITF Africa deputy regional secretary, coordinated the education programme. She said: “Well designed and sharply focused workers’ education activities will always bear fantastic outcomes like increased participation from women and young workers in unions, enhanced agreements, an increase in membership and strong, functional national coordinating committees.”

Find out more about key wins, including a breakdown by union of new members and concrete gains, at www.itfglobal.org/itf-africa/Mozambique-Angola.cfm.


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