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Market Foul’s Day blues…

by admin
John Faraclas

John Faraclas in front of the Broadgate Venus at Pindar Plaza off Liverpool Street Station

This quickie live mid-weekish  reporting from the heart of the Square Mile earlier today by John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping,  is just another warning for all to be cautious and make proper risk assessments vis-à-vis the state and level of the Markets at a time of high uncertainty and volatility given the low BDI levels as well as the levels and …scales of the wet cargoes.

It’s important though to understand that all stakeholders, particularly those in “making and shaking the markets”  (both that of ships sales and purchase as well that of chartering) bear a responsibility as to where they direct the focus of their clients.

Geopolitics too play a very important role and wonder, for argument’s sake if valuers, valuation panels and other “panels” know where the world is heading.

With the BDI down to 1, 316 points – minus 46 since yesterday, the BCI down at 2, 505, minus 68 points, the BPI down at 897 – going far below the 1, 000 point mark, the BSI  down to 1, 068 points down 22 since yesterday and the BHSI down at 632 points, minus 10 since yesterday it seems that the dry market dries-out, or a correction is imminent…??

Leave the wets behind which produced another minus day with the BDTI down at 700 and the BCTI down at 610 a 5 and 4 points down respectively since yesterday and see what you get.

We are living in interesting times – never forget this.

The above and other news can be heard in the video herebelow; enjoy and comment!


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