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Hot Port News from GAC

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GAC-newYour daily news service from ports around the world.

In this HOT PORT NEWS, read about:
* Worldwide – World Holidays: 27 April-10 May 2014
* Brazil, Para State – New terminals inaugurated

DATE: April 26, 2014
COUNTRY: Worldwide
World Holidays: 27 April-10 May 2014

Public holidays around the world in the coming two weeks include the

  • Sun 27 Apr – Freedom Day (South Africa)
  • Thu 1 May – Labour Day
  • Thu 1 May – Kazakhstan Unity Day
  • Sat 3 May – Poland Constitution Day
  • Mon 5 May – Early May bank holiday (UK)
  • Tue 6 May – Buddha’s Birthday
  • Tue 6 May – Sub. Coronation Day (Thailand)
  • Wed 7 May – Defender of the Fatherland Day (Kazakhstan)
  • Fri 9 May – Victory Day (Russian Federation)

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DATE: April 26, 2014
PORT: Para State
New terminals inaugurated

Two new grain- and oilseed-loading terminals have been inaugurated at
Miritituba and Barcarena in the northern Brazil state of Para. Together,
they are expected to increase the country’s export capacity by 4 million
tons per year.

This year, the new terminals will handle about 2.5 million tons, mostly
soy, and they are expected to be operating at full capacity next year.
Brazil’s soy harvests have been growing each year, overloading highways
leading to the jammed southern ports of Santos and Paranagua and slowing

The new terminals will allow some of the grain to be diverted away from the
crowded southern ports by taking advantage of a highway being paved through
the Amazon jungle that will link the main soy-growing areas of Mato Grosso
state with the Amazon river and its tributaries. The paving of the road
from Mato Grosso to Miritituba is scheduled to be completed in the next two

The Miritituba terminal is located on the Tapajos river and will transfer
grains from trucks to barges, which will float down to the Amazon river and
down to the terminal in Barcarena. There the grain will be transferred to
oceangoing ships for export. The Barcarena terminal’s capacity could be
doubled in size by 2018 if demand requires.

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