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Panama Ship Registry, setting the record straight…

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panama_visit_stand_image_onlyPanama´s Ship Registry, which is under the Panama Maritime Authority´s Merchant Marine Directorate, represents 21% of the world´s total merchant fleet and is the largest Open Registry.

The Panama Registry has satisfactorily met many challenges regarding the implementation of international conventions, its commitment to safeguarding human life at sea, and its commitment to the maritime environment. As the world leading Registry, we feel very pleased to have reached the goals set by the Administration, such as:
• Ratification of the Athens Convention Protocol of 2002 relating to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea
• Submitting to the IMO the newly created traffic separation schemes
• Compliance with the MLC2006 Convention
• Implementation of the International standards of safety for special purpose ships
• Making mandatory Class Certificate for vessels of 500 GT and above.
We deeply appreciate the trust and loyalty of our clients, as well as all the hard work of our collaborators, which have been key factors in achieving these accomplishments.

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