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Launch of the Danaos Platform – Strategic Partnership with Capital Link

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Danaos PlatformDANAOS Management Consultants launches the first  professional & Social business network for the global maritime industry enters into strategic partnership with Capital Link

Athens and New York, May 27, 2014. Danaos Management Consultants (Danaos) announced today the  launching of the “Danaos Platform”, the first professional and social business network for the global maritime industry, fully compatible with the e-Maritime framework. The “Danaos Platform” enables all maritime stakeholders to interact in a totally secure manner through a versatile and comprehensive informational platform.capital-link

The EMAR project aims to facilitate information exchange among the various stakeholders in the
European and global maritime industry through the establishment of an upgraded information
management infrastructure. The objective is to empower the European maritime sector in offering
efficient quality shipping services fully integrated in the overall European transport system over an
upgraded connectivity infrastructure. The project is funded by the European Union and Danaos is among  the 27 consortium partners cooperating to realize this initiative.

In this context, the Danaos Platform enables its members to integrate their existing systems with their  clients, suppliers, partners, etc. in order to automate their processes from start to finish. The platform has been developed to promote collaboration amongst Shipping Companies; to enable integration between the various in-house systems that shipping companies currently use; to link their business activities with their business partners and third parties, live, thought an active shipping directory and to network professionally via messages, forum postings, conferencing, etc. The use of the platform is free for its members.

The new Danaos Platform capitalizes on both concepts. It implements professional conferencing using the Microsoft Lync product, and also enables the participating companies to complete business transactions without depositing corporate information on intermediary portals. Capitalizing on our existing 600+ companies client base and our 28-year established leadership role in the field of maritime information technology, and combining the Danaos Platform and Danaos Web Enterprise software suite, Danaos offers to our customers the
opportunity to choose the right mix of cloud-based or in-house solutions, for maximum benefit.”

Danaos also announced a strategic partnership with Capital Link, Inc. to provide platform members with  the option of enhanced branding and public relations services optimizing their presence and use of the  Danaos platform for business.

Dimitris Theodosiou, CEO of Danaos Management Consultants SA concluded: “I am glad that we have partnered with Capital Link, the leader in PR for the shipping industry. Capital Link, having a better understanding of what services the Platform can offer, will not only promote the branding and the advertisement of the Platform members, but can also assist them to combine the relative Platform services to optimize their use and benefit from the Platform”.

About Danaos Management Consultants S.A.
Incorporated in 1986, Danaos (www.danaos.gr) is today the leading maritime Information Technology  (I.T.) provider serving over 600 customers globally. Danaos offers a comprehensive array of software utilities that cover all possible areas of the daily operation of any shipping company, in a fully integrated and modular manner, linking seamlessly all customer departments, offices and vessels. The Danaos modules are implemented on both the office and onboard the vessels, and are exchanging data transparently through any satellite communications method. Danaos is extremely active in R&D, participating in many major EU and international projects, including the EMAR project. The company has secured several important distinctions and awards in maritime research. Danaos is fully ISO Certified and has 100+ staff, own offices in Greece, India, Norway and Cyprus and representation in USA, UK, Hamburg, Dubai, Istanbul and Singapore.

About Capital Link, Inc.
Capital Link, Inc. (www.capitallink.com) is a leading public relations, advisory and financial
communications firm for the shipping industry. Founded in 1995, it is headquartered in New York with presence in Athens, London and Oslo. Capital Link has built one of the most effective networks
promoting shipping to a wider industry and investor audience integrating PR (Public Relations), IT
(Investor Relations), Media and IT solutions. Capital Link is a member of the Baltic Exchange and has received a Lloyds List Award for its contribution to the shipping industry. It has also been recognized for three years in a row as the Premier Investor Relations and FinancialCommunications firm for the Maritime Industry in Europe and North America by the Intercontinental Finance Magazine.

*Danaos Management Consultants SA is a separate and independent company from Danaos Corporation



  • Choose & establish your own network of business & trading partners
  • Customize the range and type of services you offer


  • Integrate your existing systems with your business & trading partners
  • No commercial information retained on the Platform
  • A private & secure information exchange network


  • Enter, process and conclude business transactions from start to finish (invoicing, processing, payment)


  • Publish your news & events, product & service offerings
  • Target your advertising to the proper audience to enhance your business potential
  • Shipping-specific search database optimizing target marketing functions


  • Replace phone calls with face-to-face discussions among professionals
  • Enhance the appeal and effect of your presentations
  • Facilitate & optimize professional training

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