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The Board of Oslo Børs approves Software Innovation for listing

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oslo bors28/05/2014 – At its meeting on 28 May 2014, the Board of Directors of Oslo Børs resolved to admit the shares in Software Innovation Group ASA to listing on Oslo Børs.

The Board stipulated that the company prior to the first day of listing must satisfy the requirement for:

  • the number of shareholders as set out in Section 2.4.2 of the Oslo Børs Listing Rules have at least 25% spread of share ownership among the general public, as specified in section 2.4.1 of the Oslo Børs Listing Rules
  • publishing  an approved prospectus
  • satisfy the requirement for market value as set out in Section 2.2.1 of The Oslo Børs Listing Rules

If the requirement for the market value or the number of shareholders is not met, the company will be accepted for listing on Oslo Axess, provided that the listing requirements on Oslo Axess are satisfied. The Board authorised the Chief Executive Officer of Oslo Børs to decide whether the company should be listed on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess, and to fix the date of the first day of listing, which is to be no later than 11 July 2014.

About Software Innovation:
Software Innovation is a Scandinavian software provider with a growing international presence. The company develops and sells Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and information management software built on Microsoft technology. Software Innovation’s mission is to help organizations to make information their most valuable resource. With approximately 340 employees and hired developers, the company sells and delivers its applications through an international network of partners. Software Innovation’s core products, ProArc, Business 360° and Public 360°/DocuLive are currently used by more than 600 organizations and 200, 000 users worldwide, in both public and private sectors. For further information, please visit www.software-innovation.com.

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