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MAN Propulsion System for New GEFO Tanker

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MAN LOGOMAN Diesel & Turbo has supplied a complete propulsion system comprising a  7L32/44CR engine, Renk gears and an Alpha adjustable CP propeller for an ultra-modern chemicals tanker operated by GEFO Gesellschaft für  Öltransporte mbH. For MAN Diesel & Turbo, the order represents a breakthrough for the 32/44CR series in the small twin-hulled tanker sector of  the market.

The tanker, christened “Fidelio”, has a DWT of 6366 and can transport 260
types of (petro-) chemical materials – from vegetable oil to sulfuric acid. The
Fidelio’s main routes will be in northern Europe, however the tanker is also
equipped for worldwide operation and therefore complies with the strict
emissions regulations enforced in US coastal waters. The chemicals tanker
was built at the Tersan shipyard in Yalova (Turkey) and is currently on its
maiden voyage from Israel via France to the Netherlands.

The 7L32/44CR engine, built at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s plant in Augsburg, has
an output of 3, 920 kW and drives a MAN Alpha Mark 5 adjustable propeller
via a reduction gear unit from Renk. This combination boosts the drive
system’s efficiency by up to nine percent, helping to save both fuel and costs
as well as reduce emissions.

The gears also have a pinion shaft which operates a Cummins generator to
supply the ship’s power (PTO mode). The generator can also serve as an
electrical motor to drive the propeller at reduced speeds and when the main
engine is offline (PTH mode). With this configuration, the propulsion system
guarantees a high level of reliability and excellent cost-effectiveness.

The tanker “Fidelio” is the first in a series of three new designs featuring the
MAN drive train to also include the “Othello” and the “Traviata”, and which are
due to be delivered in the summer and fall of this year.
We focused intently on the dimensioning and design of the tankers to achieve
the best possible efficiency. The modern MAN Common Rail engines and
propeller optimization with a MAN Alpha propeller played a key role in this, ”
says Michael Blume, Technical Project Manager at GEFO.

“As a long-established partner, we have already worked closely with MAN Diesel & Turbo
during the planning phase”



“The order confirms our customer GEFO’s confidence in us, ” says Klaus
Deleroi, Head of the Medium Speed Business Unit at MAN Diesel & Turbo.
“The MAN 32/44CR engine impressed GEFO with its high reliability, compact
design, low running and maintenance costs and low exhaust and noise
The 32/44CR engine was developed as a drive and auxiliary engine for use on
ships, for the offshore industry and for stationary applications. With electrically
controlled injection, variable valve control and highly efficient turbochargers, it
combines all of the latest technologies available for large diesel engines. The
Common Rail technology from MAN Diesel & Turbo supports parameters that
permit the flexible adjustment of the injection point, duration and pressure.
With its highly specific output with simultaneously low fuel consumption and
reduced emissions, the 32/44CR is setting new standards in its engine class.

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