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Shipping Markets struggle

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

This twenty-fourth overview of the shipping markets and world events by John Faraclas from www.allaboutshipping.co.uk in London today,  Friday the 27th June 2014, finds the market in a worse position and simultaneously an enigma! Are we close to the rock bottom, that of the 3rd of February 2012 at 647 points, and also that first one, which brought the catastrophe of the markets, that of 662 points in 2008? Are we heading below these figures or is this the first point of a possible upturn? Time will tell as well as the reality of the fixtures! Again we reiterate the view that this is a very good market for all those with cash and people in…high places, err in cargo stores…to proceed for a buying spree, but, do they know what vessels to buy or contract?

Now then, the BDI closed up seven points since yesterday the 26th of June, at 831, but overall it fell 73 points since last week’s 904 points, it even went down to 80 points from last week, to 824 points, that was last Thursday the 25 of June! Under the 900 points barrier and close to that of 800, things look sour for those not ready and able to tackle these situations – expected situations though! This is an overall 1, 396 points below December 2013’s closing of 2, 227 points, a 62.6 percent downfall! Skyfall, Divefall, simply a fall. We have warned you!

  • The BCI,  closed up 25 points since yesterday, but down 177 points since last week’s 1, 950 points – it was even down to 202 points overall given last Thursdays closure at 1, 748 points.-  Today it was yet again, as a few weeks ago, the size that made the biggest losses and success too!
  • The BPI was down another 4 points at 419 which is another 42 points since last week’s 461 points. The barrier far below the 500 point mark, nearly 62 centum below…
  • The BSI down just a single point to 678, but down another 26 points since last week’s  704 points. Again far below the 1, 000 barrier….,
  • The BHSI at 420, minus 7 points since yesterday, but 21 points since last week’s 441 points, Here too we are below the 500 point-mark!
  • The wets again a surprise… at 723 the dirty, just one point up, I mean the BDTI which is though 11 points up since last week; the BCTI was up just two points to 522, but also up 11 since last week’s 511 points!

The World Stage now:

  • Iraq: Messy as ever and sooner or later will spill over; ISIS’s new kids in the block and more dangerous…   
  • The new President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker left British Prime Minister on the ropes… Only Panos Kammenos of Greece’s Independent Greeks “sided” with him…
  • Lets see what solution Junker can find for the messy situ in Ukraine; testing time! The mess will continue though…

China was upset with P3 last week, and this week Yildirim, a shareholder at CAM CGM urges P3 carriers not to give up… Its going to be an interesting case. Imagine a third and fourth group to be formed, that will bring the tempest in this sector!

The Housing Market in the UK might produce tremors, so caution… If it happens it will be worse than the Big bang….

A great TOC and RORO conference and exhibitions in London’s Excel become the talk of the town down in the Square Mile. A must for both to take place in Greece. Why? Greece is becoming a big Container hub  and already the Med’s and Europe’s number one area with RORO, RORO/Ferries et al! The Power of the Islands, the presence of the Greek Islands, the good food and wine, save the masticha…Go south! Make it happen, the weather factor at its best!

Holiday tip for Greece, where over 20 million are visiting this year; the Greek Island of Chios and its Port of Lithi in the south west, where you can have the time of your life at one of the best beaches and enjoy the surroundings of the spacious Almiriki Hotel and the local fish tavernas. Byzantine villages there are second to none for good foof and local products. Time to meet the rich and the famous, the down to earth Masters of the Seven Seas, the Chians. Visit Chios the Island of the Winds! A great place for maritime tourism! Rich in History with Homer being a native there. The Genovese knew long ago about it. Your turn now!

We will give you another thirteen summer holiday tips until the end of September!

The world Cup in Brazil and Wimbledon is on, both producing a great double show. We have in writing stated our prediction of major surprises in Brazil, and they happen. Hold your breath for more! Then join in the samba….

Enjoy the weekend and do view the live video herebelow:

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