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Concordia_salvage_-_Main IHS Fairplay 16072014

Costa Concordia seen during the operations to put it afloat. Photo: PA

Costa Concordia is now afloat, Costa Cruises has confirmed. “The Concordia’s stern and bow are now detached from the false sea bed by about 1m, ” the company said. (source: IHS Fairplay)

The wreck is now afloat due to the sponsons. “Before being towed 30 metres East, the Concordia will need to be refloated of another metre. Technicians have now begun to tighten the chains on starboard sponson S14, as planned, ” the company said.

IHS Maritime analyst Krispen Atkinson pointed out that the angle of the ship has changed, visually confirming the vessel is now partly afloat.

The refloating of Costa Concordia officially started at 6am local time today.

The salvage team reached the site and began pumping out the 30 sponsons to make the vessel buoyant. The vessel capsized off the island of Giglio on January 13 2012, causing the deaths of 32 people aboard.

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