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Record attendance at The Seahorse Summer Party

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Having fun on the Doggetts ...sun deck

Having fun on the Doggetts …sun deck

This year’s Seahorse* Summer Party for maritime journalists and representatives of the industry they cover, was more than a success! A very well organised and well attended gathering for the 120 plus…revellers of the world’s most powerful trade! Doggets Coat & Badge Pub off the southern side of Blackfriars Bridge is a great location and offering a unique view, particularly last night favoured by the excellent prevailing weather conditions as the met got it wrong, twice…in a lifetime, as they say… fantastic view and excellent service at London’s prime place of trade being Father Thames! Indeed professionals and associates of the freight transport, shipping and logistics, met in what was to be one of the most successful summer events so far.

Jeanius Amanda Roberts and Jean Winfield with Alex Von Stempel, Peter Owen

Jeanius’ Amanda Roberts and Jean Winfield with Alex Von Stempel, Seahorse President Peter G. Owen and Bernard Steel

As last year missed more than two hours of this great event due to a late ending conference on piracy, I made it on the dot at 18:30 BST together with our new intern Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou…

Old and new faces as always, but this time the new ones exceeded last year’s proving that there is new blood in the industry, all in a party mood; I must say it was worth making it there given that I was still accompanied by my crutch! It was great to be there with such a lovely crowd of friends and hope it carries on in this festive mood for the decades to come.

The event was sponsored once again by DP Ports  was an interesting gathering with obviously networking having its day! This year the number of women was 30 percent more, showing that female meticulousness counts! Peter G. Owen’s rituals  welcomes simple and to the point, as well as those of Garry Foster the CEO from Transaid – a must that you all visit their site www.transaid.com and donate to this charity which “changes people’s lives for the better!” Garry and two of his… lieutenants Aggie Krasnoolucka and Florence Bearman did their best in promoting the charity.

from Fairplay, Sue Terpilowski and Inge Michell

Catherine  Rowley from the IMO, Sue Terpilowski and Inge Michell

Jean Winfield from our associated group Jeanius Consulting with Amanda Roberts where there enjoying the event after a good first year in the field! Paul Ellis was there …seeking info for yet another Greek island resort, Sue Terplilowski – first time after her OBE award with her Image Line team, the iconic Inge Mitchell, Bridget Hogan with a group of five from The Nautical Institute – lovely aggressive marketing promoting the NAVIGATOR which comes also in Greek; actually there was a young Greek in her team, Agnie Arapoglou (!) and as always Rachel Miller – voted the media industry’s best smile; Fairplay’s Liz Wall, always present and newly arrived in the club Gemma Holmes from Priority Freight – very eloquent in Greek too and keen to conquer the logistics specialist market on aerospace! Clare Anderson headed the BLUECOMMS team, BroadgateMainland had a strong presence with Shelly Durrant and Roddi Vaughan amongst others, Ian Matheson from Impress Communications and many from his team were present; Alex von Stempel from Cool Logistics, the Informa Group with Janet Porter – the spearhead of the group always present, Bernard Steel from UK Transport Press, Tom Conroy from the sponsors DP World and many many others.


Agnie Arapoglou, Rachel Miller and Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou our intern

The food, including barbecue’s specialities and the sweets, YES the sweets, more than excellent, AND well served! Don’t ask about the drinks; as Doggetts know best!

Our new intern Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou said about the event: “Despite being my first time at a Seahorse event, I found everyone to be most welcoming and eager to share their knowledge and experiences. I am privileged to have met the influential forces of the shipping industry that have guided it through rough weather to the sunny calm. It was thus a great opportunity to exchange views and ideas about current affairs and their impact on the industry, learn and of course to network.”

Three bottles of champagne were won, the raffle ticket favoured the yellow tickets and not the pink ones; was it a set-up….

Transaid's Florence Bearman with Martyn  Wingrove from Riviera MAritime Media, one of the raffle winners

Transaid’s Florence Bearman with Martyn Wingrove from Riviera MAritime Media, one of the raffle winners

All in all a great evening and pleased I made it with my crutch….
Enjoy the summer break!

*The Seahorse Club is a lively networking group, which draws together a variety of public relations, marketing, advertising and journalism professionals within the freight, passenger, shipping and logistics sectors.
Whether you represent transport principals or promote an in-house service, the Seahorse Club provides an excellent opportunity to meet others with similar jobs and interests. Regular events are held designed to inform, entertain and create debate, drawing on the experiences of members, special sectoral guests and trade journalists, including a Winters Awards presentation recognising industry journalism talent and the Summer BBQ.

N.B.: Updates might follow…

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