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UNIT45 launches long distance innovative…

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UNIT45’s long distance innovative diesel-electric refrigerated container

UNIT45’s long distance innovative diesel-electric refrigerated container

29 July 2014 – UNIT45 launches long distance innovative diesel-electric refrigerated container

Container specialist UNIT45 has opened up new opportunities for shippers seeking to move temperature-controlled products over long distances by rail, water and/or road.

The Rotterdam-based company has designed and built a 45ft combined diesel-electric refrigerated container that can be used for journeys up to 10, 000 km by rail carrying, for instance, temperature-controlled goods from Europe to China and vice versa for up to 20 days.

“By incorporating a specially designed 800 litre diesel tank into the power unit, we have solved the problem that most rail operators cannot provide a reliable power supply for all-electric reefers, ” says Jan Koolen, Managing Director. “Our diesel-electric refrigerated container gives shippers the flexibility to use intermodal operations, safe in the knowledge that their goods will arrive at their destination in the required condition.”

An advanced track and trace system controls and records the temperature throughout the entire journey, including the positioning of the container, as well as any door openings, with real time alerts.

“The long distance diesel- electric reefer not only guarantees visibility and recording of all transport data from door to door, it also allows companies to choose the most efficient and cost-effective service for their particular needs.”

UNIT45 has developed a reputation for innovation in the container market. It was the first to launch a reefer that had the capacity to carry 33 Europallets, designing a lightweight container constructed of an ideal combination of aluminium and high-strength steel.                                                                                   

Both this unit and the new long distance reefer have built-in refrigeration systems that save space as well as using sophisticated technology that guarantees maximum refrigeration capacity with excellent energy economy.

The team at UNIT45 understands the importance of maintaining a good distribution of air throughout its reefer containers to ensure constant temperature control. The long distance reefers are equipped with an air duct system which evenly distributes the air output from the refrigeration unit into the container, making sure all products are held at the required temperature.

“We constantly work with our customers to develop exactly the products they need, ” says Jan Koolen. “The diesel-electric reefer with an 800 litre diesel tank, for instance, expands the opportunity for companies to ship goods such as pharmaceutical products, computers, car parts, meat and wine all year round. It makes the use of long distance rail journeys a viable option.”


UNIT45 designs and builds a wide range of containers, including dry (double stack), bulk, open top, double doors, reefer (double stack, multi temp) and curtain-sided, all 45ft and standard sizes as well as bespoke containers to maximise capacity and lifting options in challenging situations.

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