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CLIA Europe celebrates “interior” revolution in cruising

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Clia logoCruise lines work with hospitality designers to enhance cruising experience 

River cruises are also a part of this revolution, seeking to maximise available space 

Brussels,  19 August 2014 – CLIA Europe, the association representing Europe’s multibillion euro cruise industry, wishes to celebrate the “interior” revolution cruising has been going through in the last years. It is easy to overlook what goes on in the inside of a cruise ship when one is used to seeing the world’s shipyards continuously deliver impressive, beautiful, state of the art cruise ships. And yet, the amount of time, resources and imagination cruise lines put into the interior design of their ships is by no means less impressive.

Indeed, many cruise lines now work with world-renowned hospitality designers to ensure a beautiful atmosphere indoors, recognising that ambience is an essential part of the cruise experience.

Cruise ships now feature exciting public areas that result in stunning on-board ambiance. Think about checking the latest fashion from the world’s most famous high street brands while at sea. This is already possible in many cruise ships, which feature large, high-end malls. Or perhaps enjoying an exhibition from world-renowned painters at an art gallery on-board.

Cruise lines are very conscious of the diversity of their passengers, and continually try to improve the common space within their ships in order to accommodate all audiences. Cruise ships now include children areas where the youngest passengers can have fun, teenage lounges including beanbags and computer games, and a range of exciting bars where adults can enjoy their favourite drinks.

Talking about dining venues, cruise lines continuously strive to recreate the taste and atmosphere of different countries for their passengers. It is now possible to have a chef cook your meal on a griddle at the table right in front of you on-board, in true Japanese style. Or to enjoy a delicious Italian pizza, cooked in an authentic wood-fired oven.

This internal revolution does not stop at the common areas and public spaces. Passengers can also enjoy the latest design trends in the cabins that they occupy. Some of the newest cruise ships include two-level loft suites that will make anyone believe that they are in downtown Manhattan. You will have to look at the incredible sea views through the double-height windows to realise where you are!

But not all the cabins in a cruise ship face the seas…not to worry: some cruise lines have got around this problem by fitting huge LED screens on the cabins’ walls, transmitting live footage of the sea views. Bored of looking at the sea? Just switch the channel and watch a movie, or your favourite sport.

River cruise ships, whose popularity in Europe continues to increase, are also a part of this revolution. Due to their small sizes, the trend is to maximize the available space to the maximum so as to deliver one-of-a-kind luxury boutique yet spacious cruise ships. River cruise ships now feature beautiful large staterooms and two-story lobbies, glass elevators, twin balconies, swimming pools…even cascading waterfalls!

This revolution would of course not be complete without some real sporting action. After all, going on holiday should never be an excuse to stop looking after yourself and practicing your favourite sport. Cruise ships now include a wide range of sports activities on board. From tennis to rock-climbing, sports enthusiasts have plenty of things on board to keep themselves busy.

Robert Ashdown, CLIA Europe’s Secretary General, said:

“I wish to pay tribute to our cruise line members, who continue to work hard and innovate to offer the best possible cruising experience to all their passengers, no matter who they may be. Whether you are male or female, old or young, enjoy traditional Mediterranean or oriental cuisine, you will find something for you on board cruise liners.”

About CLIA

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