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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

There are obviously two schools of thought on the above issue: the one saying that ISIS et al are a “naturally” unfolding case due to “various” reasons, the other that simply focusing so much attention on ISIS and the like and their actions, is a scam, a perfectly pre-arranged macabre case to serve other purposes in the Middle-Eastern region and its wider periphery…

We are very much concerned as, whatever the case, this situation greatly affects the vested interests of the shipping world at large.  In the coming days and weeks we will attempt to offer you the best pragmatic views of what happens in the region as well as other parts of the globe, given that the entire world is on fire; there are not any more merely the kind of flash-points as witnessed in the past. We are very much concerned as there are, above all, seafarers in danger; and then of course our interest is to safeguard the shipowning pattern and structure of this industry.

The Middle East continuing melee and conversely the Arab “Spring” – what a palaver, the world after the cold war, the Russian issue and the European (US backed) eastern expansionism with whatever this entails; Africa and who will dominate the businesswise presence there, the Far East with Japan watching all developments and China trying to find a way to make the big breakthrough; the subcontinent and its religious differences; developments in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country; the Australian powerhouse to be; and many more issues, the economic fiascos , including the fiscal and monetary policy weapons used to weaken various nations; some high profile persons – men and women who seek to order our lives and yet themselves are fully in the shit – please excuse my  language. The shipbuilding scam that we have mentioned before will also be included…

We have in our Friday reporting over the last three years already hinted at what is going on– some of which came/comes live on various TV media, but now we will go a bit further and show how all the above influence our shipping operations to all intents and purposes – hold your breath and be prepared. Your written comments, dear readers, will greatly enrich our coverage.

*RWAD= Ready Willing and Able to Deliver

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