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Emergency repairs allow vessels to keep sailing

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hydrexlogoHydrex offers fast on-site repairs in emergency situations. Our offices have fully operational fast response centers. This allows us to immediately mobilize teams to locations around the world for a wide range of operations.

There are many unfortunate events that can stop a ship from sailing. Ships with a leaking stern tube are often not allowed to enter ports. A vessel can be tied up after a collision or a malfunctioning rudder can prevent safe maneuvering. Going to drydock is obviously not an option in such cases. Arranging the vessel to be unloaded at sea is an organizational and financial disaster for the owner. On top of this it does not solve the problem, because the damaged ship is still unable to leave its location.

Hydrex can perform routine as well as more complex underwater repairs to thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals and damaged or corroded hulls. Our divers create drydock-like conditions around the affected area so they can carry out these operations on-site and within the shortest possible time frame. This allows the vessel to sail again. In most cases a permanent repair can be performed and no follow-up is needed. If this is not possible, a class approved temporary solution is offered. The ship can then continue its schedule or can go to drydock at a more convenient time and location.

By their very nature, emergencies occur unexpectedly. However, being prepared for an emergency goes a long way in salvaging the situation when they do occur. We encourage you to get in touch with us, to find out what we can do and how quickly we can respond and then keep us on file as your first port of call in case an emergency does occur.


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