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Test Frame ‘Pieter Schelte’ at BOW Terminal Vlissingen

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Test Frame ‘Pieter Schelte’ at BOW Terminal VlissingenAllseas MSF-Platform Conversion – Heavy roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) operation

Vlissingen/Flushing, 29 September 2014 – BOW Terminal is awarded by Volker Staal en Funderingen to store the MSF (Module Support Frame). At the BOW Terminal this frame (weight approximately 1, 500 tons) will be modified by Volker Staal en Funderingen for testing parts of the capabilities of the worlds largest decommissioning vessel ‘Pieter Schelte’, owned by Allseas. The frame will be divided into 2 pieces and modified. After modification the frame will have a height of approximately 60 meters. A part of the test frame for the ‘Pieter Schelte’ arrived at the Muller ponton 10033-1, on the 15th of September. For BOW Terminal this project is the first large turnkey heavy RoRo operation including ballast and mooring arrangements.

“For BOW Terminal the ‘Pieter Schelte’ project is our first heavy RoRo operation since our start in
October 2010, including ballast activities of the North Sea barge. We are very proud to work on this project for the world largest decommissioning vessel, ” said Arjen Pattenier, General manager of BOW Terminal. “During the last 4 years we build a significant international track record. We are very proud to take part in this record breaking project.”

Anja Gabrielse, Management Assistant at BOW Terminal continues, “Next to the storage of the frame we are also awarded to provide all equipment and labor for all horizontal and vertical movements, either to be executed with our own or cross-hired SPMT’s and crawler and mobile cranes. We have a permanent availability of heavy lift capacity up to 1, 500 T (Gottwald MK1500 + Liebherr LR1600). Our services can be divided into: heavy lifting and site transportation, load outs by multiple SPMT/skidding including ballast operations, storage, mobilization/demobilization/outfitting of barges/installation vessels, seafasting/pre-rigging/ assembly of steel structures, repair works/touch up painting/coating, sea – and river transports, custom formalities, engineering and project management. The ‘Pieter Schelte’ project is operated from our location in Vlissingen, but our second location in IJmuiden also has a strategic position at the North Sea.”

QHSE during the ‘Pieter Schelte’ operation
“During the RoRo operation of the test frame, safety was our constant focus. During the start-up and implementation phases of this project we constantly discussed operational and safety issues with all companies involved and all affiliated BOW Terminal sub-contractors. This resulted in a successful and uneventful load and will be our focus during the further subsequent activities throughout this project, ” said Jarno Verboom, QHSE Officer at BOW Terminal.

Jarno Verboom continues, “Allseas required a HSE plan for the entire project which was prepared in close collaboration between Volker Staal en Funderingen and BOW Terminal. The HSE plan includes all aspects of the ‘Pieter Schelte’ project with a focus on properly trained and instructed personnel, inspected and maintained machines as well as the right equipment for the activities and appropriate methods; all in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.”

“Safety first is our motto. BOW Terminal is seriously committed to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). Outstanding QHSE performance is essential for successful business. Our goals are simple: no accidents, no injuries and no damages. To comply to our goals we have implemented a management system according to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. It is very nice to see the passion and power of our dedicated and experienced team and all parties involved, during this project, ” said Jarno Verboom, QHSE Officer at BOW Terminal.

‘Pieter Schelte’ – world largest decommissioning vessel
The ‘Pieter Schelte’ is currently being built by Allseas and is seen as the largest vessel in the world in his class, with a length of 382 meters, a width of up to 124 meters and suited for lifting of structures weighing up to 48, 000 tons. ‘Pieter Schelte’ is intended for installation or removal of superstructure and substructure constructions of large offshore oil and gas platforms in one piece. The vessel is also equipped for laying large pipelines.

The test frame will comprise a lower part founded on 4 suction piles and an upper part, which will include a water tank. The water tank will be filled with seawater in order to simulate a test lift weight of 5, 000 tons. The test frame is planned to be completed by March 2015, after which it will be installed in a field in the Dutch sector of the North Sea in a water depth of 30 meters. One of the reasons why BOW Terminal was chosen, is its excellent location at the North Sea.

BOW Terminal
BOW Terminal is fully operational since 2010 and logistic provider in the energy market. The terminals in Vlissingen and IJmuiden are excellently located at the North Sea and full-service 24 hrs, 7 days a week. Vlissingen offers a 25 HA storage facility and the availability of permanent heavy lift capacity (upto 1, 500 T: Gottwald MK1500 + Liebherr LR1600). Both terminals are perfect for offshore/heavy lift and multi cargo projects. IJmuiden will be our full-service port for maintenance.

BOW Terminal is a subsidiary of the Kloosterboer Group.

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