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David Scott, Anna Rughani and Garry Moon

David Scott, Anna Rughani and Garry Moon

The marine industry is increasingly becoming aware of the value that Human Element can offer both safety and performance. Like most industries interest started with ergonomics and working environment improvement, but more recently the focus has become the management of Organisational Human Factors in incident prevention.

Lloyd’s Register Consulting today provided a short seminar on the topic of Safety Culture and Safety Climate Assessment, and when each can be used most effectively in the marine industry.

Following a light buffet lunch, ideal for networking and getting ready the event, delegates occupied the basement auditorium of the Old Building at Lloyd’s Register HQs in London,  where Garry Moon, principal consultant at Lloyd’s Register Consulting presented us with a simple but to the point account. We are sure that  this kind of presentations is a must to take place in all shipping capitals/centres of the world – Piraeus, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, to name but a few, given the fact that shipping is the attaintment of money and seafarers.

An interesting Q&A discussion followed in which other members of the team participated and well prepared documentation was handed over. Participants included P and I club executives, HR and crew departments from international tramp and liner companies.

Congratulations to Kostas Pappadakis, Jennifer Clarke and Dominic Miller and their team for organising an excellent event!

Understanding the Human Element, a course not to be missed, part of the Marine Training Services of Lloyd’s Register’s Consulting. Viewers and interesting parties can log on www.lr.org/consulting to obtain more information.

You can see Garry Moon’s slides presentation herebelow, and you can contact him on: garry.moon@lr.org

Safety Culture and Climate


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