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George A. Tsavliris

The Tsavliris Salvage Group once again hosted their traditional London Christmas cocktail reception at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge last night with exceptional warmth and modesty… despite the worsening of the weather conditions!

This event opens Shipping’s Festive Season in London, with over 250 people from all sectors of the maritime spectrum; who wasn’t there: Academics, Average Adjusters, Bankers, Bunker brokers, Charterers, Class Society executives, Consultants, Environmentalists, Flag State representatives, Government officials, Journalists, Lawyers, Insurance brokers, Institutes representatives, Media consultants, P and I Club representatives, Risk managers, Salvage experts, Shipmanagers, Shipowners, Technical consultants, Women’s Associations; needless to say that attending guests come from all over the world – Amsterdam, Antwerp, New York, Piraeus, to name but a few.

Andreas Tsavliris with his son Alexander greetings guests.

Amongst them two of the Tsavliris’ brothers, Andreas and George with members of their families Zoe Alexandros, Konstantinos, Kassandra G. Tsavliris,  Milena and Alexandros A. Tsavliris together with  colleagues from their offices in London and Piraeus.

George A. Tsavliris’ short cordial message, was far beyond the usual ones we hear in these occasions. A very sentimental and touching account of his family’s history and anniversaries made the big difference!

Apostolos Poulovassilis, Anny ZAde, Jean Winfield and Kostas Pappadakis

Among other things  he said: “This year is the of anniversaries: the centenary of my father’s birth, 75 years since the establishment of Tsavliris Shipping in Greece, 50 years since the launching of Tsavliris Salvage Group in London and Janet May’s 30 years as company secretary in our London office!”  He mentioned how he got involved in the Salvage Industry and particularly with tugs. A very touching account.

Simon Gutteridge, Stathes Kulukundis, Panagiotis Lemos and Colin Sheppard

You can log on at the end of this report and listen to our short video. The event coincided with the annual informa Salvage and Wreck Removal Conference, which this year took place at the Grange City Hotel, hence the participation of many from the marine insurance and salvage fraternity…


Zoe Tsitsanis-Tsavliris, John Langley and George A. Tsavliris


Once again a great event – with excellent dips and drinks – and renowned for its networking success, the Tsavliris Christmas Reception will be as in previous years the talk of the Square Mile and beyond – we do say this every year and can assure you that as you read these lines, this report of the event will be getting hundreds of loggings!

Kassandra G. Tsavliris with Milena A. Tsavliris




's USCGCaptain Timothy J. Farley with WISTA-UK president Maria Dixon

Andreas A. Tsavliris greeting guests

Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard with Anny Zade

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