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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Our forty-ninth  weekly recapitulation of the markets and world geopolitics affecting same, tonight Friday the 19th of December 2014 with John Faraclas of AllAboutShipping in London.

• The BDI closed earlier this afternoon down 11 points since yesterday Thursday the 18th of December at 803 points,  that’s 60  points drop since last week’s 863  points. This is also a 1, 444 points drop since last December’s 2, 247 points or 64, 3% for those wanting to see accuracy in percentages. For a start the worst over the last 30 years…
• The BCI closed down 29 points since yesterday at 488 points which is 275 points down since last week’s 763 points!
• The BPI was also down twenty two points at 907 points which is 94 points down from last week’s 1, 001points…again like last week, a more modest drop in comparison with the capers…
• The BSI was down eight points at  917 points, which is 33 points down since last week’s 950 points….
• The BHSI was up one point since yesterday at 497  points which is up four points since last week’s 493 points…

The Baltic Dry Index 19 Dec 2013 to 19 Dec 2014

The Baltic Dry Index 19 Dec 2013 to 19 Dec 2014

• The wets now were a bit different,  the dirties and its respective index,  the BDTI was down  seven points at 881 points which is 39 points up since last week’s  842  points.

• The cleans with their respective BCTI was down five points at 787 points which is six points up since last week’s 781 points.

The price of oil continued to drop, recovered a bit and now stands at the region US$ 57. Still a point to watch.

On the World stage now:

The Ebola saga continues, Ukraine looked “quieter”, yet another strange situation, the Middle East goes from worse to worse. ISIS must be crushed, otherwise I wonder who will pay the bill…. Libya messy as ever. Russia in turmoil, Turkey too, Abe did well but save all the above the latest on the SONY saga with North Korea and the forbidden film, must now be made a new film…. Eh!

Cuba will become the preferred destination like before Fidel’s Rev, the experiments failed from both ends, any objections?

The worst news of course this week was the Taliban attack on the Army School in Peshawar Pakistan,  leaving 141 dead, Again young people paid the price. Shame on those responsible!

Europe continues its messy course with Greece being once again the focal point. Expect a mess. We have in writing expressed our view and we reiterate same.The worst is that the opposition, despite leading the polls, is by far an inferior option to the current coalition government.Corruption once again appears to make …waves in Greece, let’s hope same is contained and let’s see how successful the Greek Prime Minister is in pursuing the perpetrators of another corruption crime in Greece. Ourselves in shipping we are very alert to the question of corruption and the latest ICS  magazine, SHIPPING NETWORK, is clearly sending the message! Having said that, I wonder what short of mechanisms are there in Greece, a country battered over 40 years by corruption, to stop same. As for the latest on electing a President, the wrong timing was chosen! I guess is about time that all 300 MP’s of the current parliament go home. Time please!

The twenty-sixth tip for your extended… summer holidays, thanks to climate change, is Saint Helena at 15°55’76.91″S 5°47’0.38″W in South  West Atlantic. A great place to visit.

Enjoy the weekend, continue your Christmas shopping and preparations. Pause though and think how you can contribute in saving planet Ocean from all sorts of troubles! We take the opportunity to thank the hundreds of wishes we receive and once again thank you for your support!

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